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Support for climate cast comes from Bank of America as one of the largest global financial institutions Bank of America is in a unique position to help society transition to a low-carbon economy, Bank of America, NA, member FDIC. Ben's going carbon neutral. I'm NPR chief meteorologist Paul hunter. This is climate cast German automaker Mercedes Benz is the latest to make the move toward a carbon neutral auto fleet. The automaker pledges to change factories and vehicles to go carbon neutral by twenty thirty nine but how does a high performance automaker shift to a climate friendly fleet in just twenty years, I asked transportation analyst Mickey Mainur the business incentive for Mercedes. Is that Europe obviously there German based company is far far ahead of the rest of the world in getting serious about climate change. And so all companies, no matter whether it's McDonald's or Mercedes are under pressure to become more compliant. Mickey it looks like a pretty aggressive plan by Mercedes Benz by twenty thirty the German manufacturer aims to have electric and hybrid models. Comprise, half or more of total car sales is that real? Mystic in your eyes, a lot can happen in ten years. I mean, if you think back ten years, tesla was just in its infancy, and I remember in Chicago, that a tesla dealer popped up around twenty ten or twenty eleven and just how unusual that seemed and now they're tesla dealers in all parts of the United States, Europe, Canada Asia show. Ten years sounds like a long time, but it's too product cycles in the auto industry. And while you don't see massive change in one product cycle, you can see significant change into product cycles. It looks like part of the strategy for Mercedes is to use renewable energy to power some of their manufacturing plants is that part of the goal to get them to that carbon neutral designation. Yes. It's a two-part strategy. So it's the vehicle strategy at what comes out of the manufacturing plants. And then it's also the way those manufacturing plants are deployed, I've been in most of Mercedes. Major operations in Germany, and in Alabama, and in the last couple of years, there's really been a focus on leaning. Everything down fewer people less electricity. Less packaging coming in with the parts. It's going to take a lot of work. A lot of effort for these factories in Europe to become more climate neutral or carbon-neutral, excuse me, because they're big, and some of them are old even though they've been refreshing. And so I think for me I'm a manufacturing geek and I find this just as interesting as the vehicle side of it. I mean, if they truly can transform those factories, it's going to say a lot to the rest of the auto industry, author journalist educator and transportation analysts Mickey Maynard, thanks for your perspective today. It's my pleasure. Thanks for having me. Eric berger. I live in the Dayton's bluff neighborhood has Saint Paul. I'm an architectural, CAD drafter by day and a former BMW master technician, actually got in Devi ownership because the fastest cars out there and the efficiencies, nice bonus might decision to get an V kind of started with my actually buying a gasoline, Fiat, five hundred when they came to the country in two thousand twelve and then it was actually gonna upgrade to the faster one, but then actually found that Fiat Chrysler mayday compliance vehicle in the state of California, the five hundred electric and it was actually faster than the gas one that I was going to upgrade to. So I decided why not just put electrical service and my hundred and ten year old houses garage, which it had never had before. So I had the ability to get a fast charger, I own a fleet of eleven or twelve gas cars to in the fact that I show up anywhere, really in a little electric Italian car. They're like, what doesn't make any sense? But once people drive it because I tossed the keys on this thing to anyone. I've singlehandedly had three of my friends go out and buy this. Exact vehicle and a lot of others of Baden, tesla model threes. One bottle leaf yet really opens people's eyes are like, wow. There really isn't a compromise here. If you have x y and z in your life, it's not a compromise. There's really never a time where I can't plan around the cars range. So the electric car why I got into mainly because it was the fastest available in that body. But then it turned into the more conventional decision which I want to be kind of environment. Now, I'm fully on board with the whole electric vehicle movement and then green stuff. That's fine at cast. I'm NPR chief meteorologist Paul hunter.

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