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And then we would see about coming back into compliance ourself and that seemed to be all backstopped with this abso being lutely insane thought that with iranian presidential election coming up. You wouldn't wanna wait. I mean you wouldn't want to do anything early. You would want to wait for it because you might get somehow like a better deal or more durable deal which you know was so frustrating. Because i am now old enough. That i remember when the europeans didn't like negotiating with rohani when he was the negotiator in two thousand five and they decided that you know well. There was an election coming up. So why hurry. We should just wait. And then they got almodena. John and nothing happened for a decade. So you know. When with the biden people were sort of making this claim that like well. You know you might want to wait and see you know good things could happen. It was like oh. It is totally unforeseeable. This could go sideways unless you were alive in two thousand five case it's totally foreseeable because it's exactly what happened. Yeah i would say in terms of like government time. They moved quickly. But i think that they could have moved faster. If was made a higher priority or if we had gotten out of her own way about being cautious. Because i do think that the original caution about just diving headfirst back into this. In addition to staffing problems and all of that goes on was the political surrounding it right. It wasn't just about policy. It was about the politics of looking weak on iran. As you take back over. yeah. I think that's right. I think the people who were opposed to moving forcefully to get back in the deal where at least just moving i They tended to view the the they tended to view the jcp oa as a reward. We're going to give to iran and iran's behavior would need to warrant it which of course like the most fucked up way to look at a diplomatic agree but pastas. They saw the sanctions relief. It was it was the sanctions for. It's the corner go ahead. I know. I know it's just. It's just so frustrating because it just it's just such a childish stupid way of looking the world and yet it's so common. So i i guess i can't i mean maybe it's me who's bizarre but it's such a dumb way of looking at the world. But they were so focused on that idea that it took them a while to it. Took other people awhile to elevate that up to biden's level when it does look like when it got elevated biden's level he was like no no no we we like. We campaigned on getting back. In this thing. We want to get back in this thing..

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