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Gonna give you guys a spoiler from the for my prediction show on saturday. I hope the inner circle is done. I hope they pull the. I hope they pull the trigger on the inner circle. And that they're kaput. I'm going to be completely okay. Without these sometimes unnecessary big exposition interview moments that they always seem to hog up instead of putting on other matches instead of doing more matches for the women's division. You know what i'm saying. Iron sharpens iron. Thank you just an exactly. That's exactly iron sharpens iron. That's exactly what i meant. No not night pervert. That's another thing. Yeah i just feel like it's it's a bit of a missed opportunity. But i'm gonna talk more about that this saturday right so be sure to join me on the prediction for all or nothing. Evan right lifted a superset. Thank you very much. Thank you everyone for all the super chats tonight have really appreciated you. Guys have been great. He says number one. I love this avalon faction so much i do too. I think avalon and the geeks are fantastic. Peter avalon is amazing. I think it's it's perfect for a stable of you know completely just a bunch of guys that have no rhyme or reason to actually be with each other to actually be a group of out. I think it's great. I absolutely love it number. Two says republican vice reunion ruled. Yes it did number three. Give me the eight man tag. Next week at the eight-man oh yes absolutely for he says give me reverses mural for the belt old porn rita. There's no there's no amount of preparation that's shibata could give them to prepare them for this version of miro my god. Thank you very much with the super chat. Evan i appreciate it and timothy farley armbar audio is here today right now in the chad how you doing and as i said earlier i joined the boys on the show today. Go check that out. Subscribe to their channel. Why don't you while you're at it. Bunch of stuff could be doing here.

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