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Not so in france until today. The french parliament passed a law that allows single women and lesbian couples to get ivf and artificial insemination the world. Sarah birnbaum has been following this and joins me now in our studio. This has been a long road to get to today sarah. I'll say i covered this initially in october. Twenty nineteen when the lower house passed the bill activists then thought it would take maybe a couple of months for it to pass. It's been two years marco. So what is the controversy about in france. All about and why did it take so. So let's start with the controversy. What you were hearing was we're depriving of father. A lot of it was anxiety about the role of men in france. Actually you heard this trickle down to the language so in french. This bill is called pm. Ah which is medically assisted reproduction. The opponents would call it pm. Song perr medically assisted reproduction without a father. So why did this take so long. That is politics. The lower house passed it emmanuel on the president was behind it and then it got to the senate where the conservatives really held up. So what does this law actually do up until now only women who are in long term heterosexual relationships could freeze their eggs. Get artificially inseminated do i v f and then what this law would do is it would now let women who are in same. Sex couples and single women have access to those treatments. And if you're under forty three. The french government will pay for it. Which is what they're already doing for straight women so what we're single women and lesbian couples doing a lot of people if they could afford it. We're going to places like spain and belgium to get these procedures done but of course a. That's really expensive and b. It's not a one off thing. It's foreman shots. Ultrasounds tons of doctors appointments so that would be even more expensive but then also. Let's say wanted. Some of those appointments happening closer to then you kind of have to find a doctor who would keep their mouth shut and you would always feel like you're breaking the law because you were breaking the law you know that sounds like a really difficult bunch of work arounds if you wanted to have a baby via ivf. Yeah and i said in the beginning that it's been two years to get this. Bill passed but actually spend much longer than that. It's been ten years former president. Francois lalonde wanted to include this provision in his legalization. Gay marriage bill but that didn't happen and then emmanuel macron said that he would do this in two thousand seventeen and a lot of women who were waiting for this bill to pass put off having children and now it's too late but there is hope. Now this is finally going to happen. Wolf sarah birnbaum. Thanks for covering the. Thanks for the update. Thanks marco. we'll be right back. You're listening to the world support for the world comes from clark university..

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