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How to deal with this crisis how to handle yourself financially to make it through this onto the other side. What I think about certain things more evidence about why I think that and also to provide community of like minded thinkers and healers. I just realized that I have this essential oil Mr going right next to the phone so please excuse that background noise. I have turned it off now so hopefully the sound quality is better. I do not want to completely restart so. Yeah just forgive that all right friends. We are in an unprecedented very unprecedented situation. It's unprecedented but not unexpected. It is unprecedented but it was inevitable. It is unprecedented but it was preventable and foreseeable. It was architect did architect. Is that word planned strategized. I think a lot of us sense that something is off and I am one of those who sense that something is off the other day I was texting with one of my brothers and he said since when have you become a conspiracy nut and I said well sometimes people are conspiring and I think this is a moment when people are conspiring now. It's not out of the blue. It has been leading up to this for quite some time decades. Even there are people who have conspired for their own gain profit power for decades now and two we have been manipulated into participating in the conspiracy to get certain People Power Control. Our systems are supposed to have safeguards in place that have been dismantled systematically purposely intentionally especially over the last three years beer and a half. But it's actually been going on for decades there have been some massive gains in the last year and a half for certain organizations certain companies that. I frankly find disturbing. Let me give you a little bit of history about me. I've been a journalist for over twenty five years studying business and culture and sociology and motivation. I've reported on a lot of different types of subjects. I guess you could say or fields or industries. Some of them have been medical. Some have been agriculture like a weirdly large amount of agriculture reporting. Just circumstantially weirdly large amount of medical reporting circumstantially and by circumstantially. I mean did not seek these out because of a particular interest that I have in those industries I'm not an environmentalist necessarily was not something that I have been Particularly interested in I have been like most people suspicious of the the conversation really because I wanted to believe that there was nothing to see there and I can't believe that anymore. I can't believe that anymore. I think that there have been some changes that have made me of. Wake up to some realities. I did not want to be true and I just happened upon them so in addition to being a journalist I am an avid reader. I read constantly every day of my life. I am reading a book right so long form nonfiction books and I do it for my own pleasure. My Own Edification. My own curiosity. I am Someone who no longer watches the news at all. I think it's poison for the soul. I do not participate in media. I have a very strong filter in which I'm very careful about what I allow into my consciousness. My brain my soul and a Lotta. This is because after nine eleven I really realized how traumatic taking in information over and over and over and over and over can't be and how it will be used for. Click Bait and watch hours and Nielsen ratings in a detrimental way right in a detrimental way against the people so I say that so the chill understand the context from which I am saying what I'm GonNa say right so I am a journalist. I do not have an association with any particular media platform. I do not participate in twenty four hour news at all. I am cynical about The majority of conspiracy theories. I do not I'm not a member of PITA or whatever environmental organization that you can think of. I have not been someone who has eaten organic food for economic reasons. I live a pretty simple life honestly so my day today Right now has been pretty unaffected by this change This pandemic these at home orders have changed my personal life very little. I came to this very simple life in a more organic authentic way. It was thrust upon me necessarily. I've just kind of learned to live this way so you know. My biggest loss is the gym. And even that I can compensate for fairly easily with you know a Youtube Yoga Station and walking outside so I have worked from home for the last eighteen years. This is not my first crisis that has seriously altered. I my life my economics. Nine eleven I lived in Manhattan and I was a travel writer and that just like collapsed. Lick my mind. Life exploded the way. Those towers exploded So I kind of just want to give you that background so the to understand. Maybe you don't know who I am. Maybe you don't know what my agenda is. Honestly don't have one. I'm about to talk about things I don't want to believe that. I've resisted believing that I am very upset by on a spiritual and emotional level. I have a lot of qualms even about saying these things because it really does open me to open me up for criticism that I really don't have in my life nor do I want in my life. I'm saying things that a great many people in my life are not going to appreciate having been said. I also have economic reasons. Four not saying things out loud like company names and corporations just because I'm tied to them economically and I don't want to interfere with that. There's a social cost here. I've also noticed that the Internet is being used to drum up controversy based on what I say in a really inflammatory way that I do not appreciate Yeah so there we go I get my. I'm actually well informed More informed than the average person in it's through long form communication such as books so it's not Informed by twenty four hour news or Click Bait in his informed by actual books In a broad range of topics and through actual reporting so actually talking to people who are in various industries with many different backgrounds in my work and a lot of it is happenstance at work that I sought out specifically. I don't have a certain field that I report in It's just circumstantially. I have information that I wanNA talk to you about because I am disturbed and I think there's cause for being disturbed and also because we are at a choice point. We are at a point in our global consciousness our global history where there is still time to turn back there's still time to Shift our thinking and awaken to some things. We don't really WANNA know They say ignorance is bliss and I can vouch for that There are things. I'm going to talk about that. I don't want to know because I don't want to believe them and if I know them that means I need to do something about them. I have to adjust my life. I have to adjust my belief systems. I have to adjust my allegiances. I have to make choices based on reality. Instead of pretending that life is a philosophical quest and the stakes are low. It's not true the stakes are high. And this isn't a philosophical quest about what we choose to believe this is about how we live globally and how we live as a nation and how we live as just human beings so that said. I am part of the media and I have a certain disdain for the way media is being manipulated. And I know that you are experiencing what I'm experiencing in one way or another. There are things you don't WanNa know. There are things that scare you that you're hoping are not true. Even though something in your gut is telling you something's off When you watch what's happening it is startling. There's a lot of conspiracy theory floating around and I certainly don't have one specific answer for you because I think there's not enough information for us to know. Exactly what is going on but I would like to point out some things. I have observed that. Maybe you can Puzzle on at. I mean maybe you have information that I don't have A. Maybe we should be sharing that information. I I hear people talking about media right and most of this talk about the media is prompted by the media right so the mainstream media The liberal agenda. Whatever like I just want to point out that it's the media that's telling you that Fox News is not alternative. Media Fox. News is the very definition of mainstream media faults. News has always used the media. Been the media telling you not to trust them media because Fox News wants to control the story so anyone. Who's trying to control? The story is suspect anyone who is trying to shape your thinking or belief system in such a dramatic and extreme and inflammatory way should be suspect. You should be suspicious about their motives now. One of the primary causes for media to be inflammatory is clicks and watch hours. Right ratings ratings clicks. Watch out watch hours. The media is run by advertising. It is run by marketing. The media in theory is supposed to be objective source of information to inform the people Constitutionally I am going to speak from an American perspective because I am an American and I know from the demographic statistical information that I received that most of my listeners are American so what we know is that in the constitution. We were given freedom of the press because the information being passed around in the olden days in Europe which is where most of us immigrated from was being controlled by the powers that be and to share information among each other was punishable by hanging and having our heads cut off right. So if you were sharing information about the king or the queen that the king or the Queen didn't like you could get your head cut off right so we when we became a country instituted the freedom of the press and free speech to avoid getting our heads cut off to avoid hanging to avoid having our property taken to avoid accusations of treason. Now that's great. That's all well and good. That is an individual right It is a collective right but that does not mean that this power is not being used to manipulate so I wanNA point out that the media is run by private entities. Who have a profit motive? Now we have a capitalistic system. And maybe you've thought of this before but profit is a suspect motive in and of itself. Right RAF. It is the motive for everything. You're having right now. Everything you're experiencing in your life. Prophet is the motive every.

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