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To to relinquish your privacy ah your honor on the other hand in nobody offered up this argument that was a little surprised by it you have a contract with a trash disposal company to transport your goods you're used goods maybe it's municipal company be it's a private company nowhere in your contract does it say that they can distributed or well i don't know maybe it does but i it reminds me of some of the cell phone legal arguments that goran right now okay so my cell phone carrier knows where i've been does that mean the the government gets to know wait a minute i got a contract with those people have doing business with them so anyway but that's kind of a a legal tangent um so moving along let's get to the garbage picker they say we chose district attorney mike shrunk because his office is the most vocal defender the proposition that your garbage is up for grabs we chose police chief mark croker because he runs the bureau and we chose mayor vera cats because we're as police commissioner she gives the chief his marching orders let's see they mentioned the oh perch in his office the chief seem perfectly comfortable with the idea of trash is public property things inside your house or to be guarded those that are in the trash open for trash men and pickers and police so it's not a matter of privacy anymore then we spread some highlights from our hall on the table in front of him this is very cheap he blurted out frowning as we pointed out a receipt with this credit card number a summary of his wife's investments on email prepping the mayor about his job application to be the police chief of la a well chewed cigar stubb and a hand written note scribbled in pencil on a napkin so.

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