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Congratulations is brought to you by the cash out the official APP of the log cabin yeah so. I don't know that's what's up dude. I was looking at cars. Sometimes I just go look at cars. I think sometimes I have my lease is going to be up and I was thinking about not getting a Porsche and the fucking I went to the poorest place and this is hilarious. I thought I I forgot about this but went to the poorest place and there were so many turquoise porsches and I was like what's going on. Are you shipping all of the east to Santa. Fe and they we're like no and they were lagging now and I was like then why do you have so many of these porsches that are such fucking ugly colors and they said funny story actually and I thought probably not 'cause you're a car salesman and he said Lo and behold a funny story. He said well this guy quit right after we ordered new cars and to fuck us he ordered a bunch of turquoise nine eleven's Bro. That's said Dick. If I was Mr Porsche I'd learned karate on that motherfucker. I wouldn't even learned you to learn all that the new shit did I learn old campo karate for years and years then find him and then give some fucking hard punches and whenever every tried to punch I do stiff blocking Sedikh now now at this was a little while ago and now I see so many turquoise porsches out because there's so many of them are probably giving them such good deals. I see fucking guys with just such fucking. Dope Turquoise so bad so bad to have a turquoise borsch like just about still chew doing my I told that to my opener and he laughed. Bro and I was like all right. He likes pranks and Shit like that. He thinks it's so funny when like he's a Dick Dude. He thinks when people like in wheelchairs fall down is funny on my bro- that's sad odds funny. I'm like Dick. You're fucking. Dick one fire semi this works the Ama Acceptance Speech of all time he says Nirvana the nominees for best new artist voice to man just chilling I mean I don't know who that girl is but she couldn't look like somebody more. In Nineteen ninety-two she's got fucking leopard-print like miniskirt on or mini dress on and she's got the red hair with the puff out shit and then boys to men is next to in a varsity jacket talk about am dot dot up dot up row so anyway ECLECTIC robot they range from Seattle rock and roll didn't realize wow I didn't realize boys man was fourteen when they fucking did this shit it when they blasted on the kid looks fucking twelve then them died up them that tyrod up that up Ma'am Ma'am man where's my mommy the dot up to the fusion of rap soul and aren be show midwestern didn't give a fuck do the fusion of rap soul and hey trap you can tell the diffusion of Repsol in our MVP to an alternative rock band dude it was so nineteen ninety-two to be the Guy Ah fuck it in the R&B group with the circular glasses low on your nose like you were in old Butler. yes like you were going to be like would you like would you like your chicken coned or warmed up today music of a new folk singer Your Voice Guy by the way the lowest voice in Boston and let's see what it sounds like in real life. He's probably just say yes so anyway. y'All here's Nevada here. The nominees will pass new eight the microphone eight the microphone on news news new already guys in the fucking break room oh and took the microphones off hurt so bad. Look I mean come on to learn how to use them for your arm. B. Singer fucking fuck sake look at these girls look a robot they range from Seattle rock and roll also to the fusion of soul to an alternative rock band old white Butler to the evocative music of new the guys. If you tell this girl here to nominees dude no hidden all varsity jackets at an award show Exa disrespectful love it day go Tori Amos for silent in time the loneliest Song of all time that was hey shut up butters your and so this for Tennessee this long about cracker for teen angst. I guess if these guys are seeing a field or not if you're listening to the podcast so fucking no no what the world needs now is not another folksinger and it never needs that for smells like these spirit. I guess one obvious the winner takes all right. I regard and I like to plug the Christmas album that was previously recorded by boys to men and worst villains. Now say oh man song comfortable. They're all laughing there so matty to that. They're like whatever you do. Don't please the song read what I'd never seen this by the way I like to bake my family in a record label true fans. You can't believe everything you've seen here now. Kanye Oh my God that guy that guy who came in that Dave Grohl now right when that Oh that gets even even great that is not okay when that guy came in he was like Oh. I'm going to shut the shit down dude. He was like here we go. I'm going to shut the shit down. He was thinking of it on the way to the fucking show if we win which we probably will because there's a lot of heat around us. I'M GONNA dip in and I'm GONNA fuck it. Say that thing Kirk obeys doing the thing and he thought it was. GonNa shut the shit down down. He thought everyone was going to lose their minds. He thought Fuck Wilson Phillips are GonNa Start. Crying and that voice going to start that. That's it them them that they I don add up rap row while biggest dream about this every day but a better rule that guy to this is where that's where it went off the rails. You could tell I've never seen this. Gibson went went off the rail here we go. You can't believe everything seen here now. Kanye oh such a basic blanket fucking fuck the system thing you know he's wearing purple pants. Is that now now now. How mad is Kirkeby and they did it but he was like I'm just GonNa roll with it this year? It doesn't matter anyway you know. It's really hard to you. Believe everything you read. Remember Joseph Goebbels shitting need while while Bro. It's so funny their music like mean so much to so many people and like they've been there like there is I would have fucking right man if you could people feel feel that you know just getting raped by the system like just so and then fucking now and just fucking fifteen year old kids were just like God. Damn it speaks speaks to me. I love this music and then fucking nurturing fans and then do this when it comes to talk and drummer or whatever you can't believe everything seen here now can oh bro pick up an instrument and then and then this and then so mad because fucking what's his name. Kirkman Obama was like I'm Gonna I'M GONNA fucking kill out do thing and the way he thought it wasn't going to do it. He was like he's pitching out. He's not going to do it so he dipped in the cocoa beans. I gotta go in early and I gotTa do this. Shit now and then just completely really hard to believe everything you read. Remember Joseph also goebbels. He's a by so wait so it's really you know it's really hard hard to believe everything you read. I think he meant to say. Don't believe everything you read. It's it's really hard to believe everything you read okay. He's like the fucking looking guy from South Park. Who was that guy. Chris Chris Chris Sir Danish Novo Celek Novus Celik Krist Anthony Nova Celik Croatian and that's one thing creches the strongest people in the world one time I fucking wrestled a Croatian rustling tree after Nevada disbanded ended phone from curb crooked as drifts apart from a musical endeavors. Nova silicon has been active politically. Oh really that's odd. He's been active politically basically ever since that moment could increase wow that's hilarious while that is what let's see the comments. This is the most nineties thing I've ever seen. Yeah really allow remember when empty look kids. That's what happens went. PUNK rock gets big wait. WHO's Joseph Goebbels. I've heard it of that. Oh my God I mean Sir Hitler's Propaganda Guy Sir not the time. Hey Dude you the best bent on Earth. Hey man member Hitler not the time. I don't care how Punk Rock Yar twelve year. Olds are watching mom. Joseph Gober's or hated Jews. What's that Ah. There's racism in the world what you're like. Some people don't like Jews. Don't like black people that some people don't like all really shouldn't know it already. Wow did this guy just making shit up comment. They didn't like what was being said on the teleprompter. That's why you can see Kurt reading and just saying thanks. Chris was just saying they are propagandists all right man. You know you're fifty man wow man how much is MTV MM TV changed. I mean look at the Vm as now bro. Wow Nasdaq's dress like tron. WHO's this guy bad bunny. Is that a guy I. He's the biggest recording artists in the shit. I've never seen bad bunny. I see him keep seeing shit on him. Performance was bizarre looking. Ivan gets rid of says well no shit because his name's bad bunny and he always wears a circular tinted sunglasses circular tended so here's the deal pretty much. If you're wearing sunglasses that are not just any any sort of already shape that is that we all know. You know if you're wearing any sort of sunglasses. That aren't the shape that we have all accepted already. You're trying too hard K I mean did it's like it's so funny that a lot of these artists. I don't know anything about this fucking bad bunny guy or whatever but like so many artists. Maybe he's a handsome guy. He actually looks like he's maybe not bad looking but but there's so many artists that are so this is my theory man you know like artists will do real bad shit with their hair or bad sunglasses or look bad on purpose or look ugly on purpose. It's so you can't tell how actually ugly they really are because they're not brad. There's so many non Brad Pitts and Idris Elba's. You don't see fucking Brad. Pitt needs doing this. Shit like that you don't see fuck timothy shallow made during the shit like that the kid rock's his fucking aesthetic rocks. These people are all disguising. The ruggedness is what they're doing with the fucking crazy ass shit and it seeping over into it's GonNa seep over into the good look people too. That's the thing because sometimes the ugliest people are the most creative and people want to be like them. I mean bad bunny. His fucking glasses also sticking his tongue out and rolled his eyes up dude. What's with this fucking thing. He wore a third. I saw the knows. This new four crushes bad bunny. It's so funny these blogs Bro. These blogs are hilarious new crush. I love this shit. I love how like also also like you know. How like like it's a thing. Now you know how like people are like express your body. WHO gives you shit. You don't have to be the fucking prettiest hottest jigger do whatever and they're like just fucking letting their roles hang out and shit would fucking unbuttoned shirts that your grandpa would wear now. I gotTA fucking hot. Take botnets per workout. Try Look. I don't give a fuck fuck. People would argue out. Give a fuck. I still fuck and keep fit. 'cause I don't WanNa die early. I don't know maybe that's wrong. WHO gives a shit. His podcasts sucks due questions. Let's do some questions baby baby some babies. Maybe we're looking at questions from you guys. I'm texting and Shit because I'm respecting you guys gene par Miss Parmesan John Gene Parmesan.

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