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And i wanted to talk to you about how to grow your podcast in twenty twenty one. Okay and if we if you're somebody out there and you're like but wait a minute john. I don't have a pike as yet. Well that's perfectly fine. But i want to give you some questions and i want to give you some insight that you'll know and be able to reflect on all right so that's what we're going to dive into today making sure that you understand how you can grow your podcasts. In twenty twenty one but before we get there. If you're not subscribed to the youtube channel. I would encourage to make sure that you subscribe to the channel which is just jonathan jones speeds. And if you're somebody who enjoys podcasting or you're wanting to learn more about podcasting in addition to somebody who appreciates self-help strategies for success. I would encourage you to subscribe to our channel so as jonathan jones speaks on you too so now without further. Do i want to dive in today in. I wanna talk about this topic. I because i think so often. It's easy to say. I wanna grow right. I want i wanna grow my business. I wanna scale my business. I wanna do all of these different things. And i don't think there's anything wrong with that right because that's an area that i mean i would say that i i'm in his will wanting to grow in scale the business But then i had to get to the point into the place to where i had to ask myself but john you wanna grow you wanna give more opportunities you wanna do more things but the fact of the matter is the first question. I want you to consider.

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