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Podcast knows that we aren't exactly singing praises. It'll be the youngest bears quarterback to start a playoff game since Doug Flutie back in nineteen eighty six and over his last five games one hundred eighty four yards per game. Touchdown interception ratio. That's dead. Even an passer rating barely above eighty. What is true Bisky and this bears? Offense have to do to allow the bears not only to win the game. But we obviously talk about six point favorite win convincingly should. I want to make a case for them. I think they should probably have success here. You know, Nagy is gonna come in with a game plan. That should breach. Six some success. I know the eagles defense is showing some signs of improvement. I think a lot of that's probably chopped up to who. They've played recently. Right. It's texans. Offense that we've discussed in great detail at the top. It's Josh Johnson a dead and buried Redskins team thing when you look at the trend line for the eagles defense the last four games despite facing, you know, to teams I just mentioned Phillies allowed fifty percent of pass degrade successful as fourth in the NFL that stretch. So I think Chicago's gonna be able to move the ball a little bit in even through the air. It's a positive sign everyone from that receiving core was back at practice on Wednesday were full participants which was shocking to me. But Alan Robinson Taylor Gabriel. Anthony, Miller were all full goes. Kyle long. He was a full go yesterday's practice. Dad be big to get him back as well thing the other positive here for for Chicago's offense. This is the time of year where you want to slightly adjust up for offenses with mobile quarterbacks. They're just going to be far more willing runners in an elimination game as opposed to a week seven game. Right. When you're in the middle of the regular season. Sure. You wanna run in these important games? You wanna take off when it's there, but you're not gonna be like running to run because you just don't wanna get injured in an elimination game. It's balls to the wall. So I think that's a positive here for the bears offense. I think Trubisky is going to be able to have some success running the ball. The eagles have struggled mightily against mobile quarterbacks in you, go down this list. And it was mariota at the beginning of the season. Ran for forty six yards and a touchdown. Cam went for nearly fifty yards rushing. Portal's had forty three yards rushing to Shawn Watson. Most recently fifty yards in two rushing touchdowns even early in the season when Phil. Was was very healthy on the defensive side of the ball in. You had an Andrew luck who was still battling back from shoulder injury. In wasn't really the runner. We knew he could be. He hasn't explosive front for thirty three arts. I think trubisky's legs could really be the difference in this game. The other thing is to recall, it he is a match up nightmare. We know that obviously Matt Nagy done a good job though, getting Jordan Howard running between the tackles the last few weeks. Maybe we'll see more of that. But when it comes to catching the ball out of the backfield with these little quirky things that Nagy Alexa. Do it's to recall, and I think he should have some success here again magic nightmare against anybody. But when you look at how the eagles defend running back passes. It's not very good hundred ten receptions they've allowed on the season. So to Rico and could be a real x factor.

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