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Officer, Ptsd, One Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Dollars discussed on Zero Blog Thirty



The details of the entire exchange dumb but it's basically boils down to the fact that i drunkenly lost my flipflops in the water and was using the bank to make it easier to spot them we failed to follow the police officers instructions to get into the water so he verbally told us though he is placing us under arrest when he put his hands on my wife i hit him i was drunk i didn't think about it i reacted once i hit him we engaged in i had him in a headlock the next thing i know i woke up in jail and assailed by myself i thought that i got an arrested for a dui when i was booked into the jail i was told that my bond was one hundred twenty five thousand dollars and i had to pay twelve point five thousand dollars together on bond i lawyers' fees core cost and a bunch of other to take care of his well i was on active duty a new my career was over and my charges carried fiveyear to the possibility of ninety nine in prison i was embarrassed about my real name for a long time i felt ashamed about what i did i still do and i still feel off told that i that i caused somebody's love wants to get a call that their loved one was in a hospital i feel terrible am i marine corps days i was a military police officer the last thing i would have done or intended to do was to hurt another caught i was one i had a federal badger my the day that i was arrested on zero blog thirty i talk openly and honestly about ptsd and its effect on people after i got arrested i started more treatment i had gone to some treatment before everything happened put my commitment me go multiple times a week my command in the courts has some more both lean into me beyond measured beyond a measure that i deserved i still don't have talked about what happened because i'm embarrassed and in shame i still go to jail on holiday weekend for the foreseeable future i will.

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