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The baby Jean David Fisher yeah so I am probably Dave I guess it just cracks me up to call the kids he David just for Mary Jane yeah a good idea so Garth Brooks I don't know if you follow him on Instagram or anything but he is super awkward you've got a chair out he doesn't know what to do with his hands he's very like he's like says really strange things Matthew McConaughey is equally bad yeah so somebody gives people are pointing out that he just keeps talking about and isolation in his videos how crazy is about tragedia would his wife it is it's called inside inside studio G. that's what he calls his little isolation videos says I'm lucky to be quarantined with my best friend when you're with the love of your life you think you don't need to know anything else other than that it's sweet it's sweet it's very sweet and sweet he just struggles to be a real human being sometimes it is now yeah all right that's only the start you can find more on our app in my talk on seven one dot com my top Dawg alerts at the top of every hour and it's a twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my toss one of seven one friends I like this song okay so yeah it doesn't though Jacob does good morning everyone I know welcome to Jason and Alexis in the morning on my talk one of seven want everything entertainment everything don McLean looks pretty today all I'm chase and lex I'm sure you do are you wearing pants today like I've got enough I put fresh Slepian song pretty good today okay anywhere in panels insulated.

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