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If he's his we ran one last week of the week before when I can't remember which one one of the patriots calls, and he's just going voice Seahawks. Won. He was like that's gotta be jobless. History. He gets to scream on a radio broadcast. What everyone else is screaming on their couch at home. Oh, everybody loves a much more nonsense. His. Yeah. Showed was a show pony show show ponies records. The babe that partisan that means, but I love it. I mean, he could say anything people are going to get behind this one with the cheese, America's worst nightmare is back. Pay me doted. Stop says. As long as you guys that you are running with this as you said. Yeah, that it's not really there. We didn't create it. I mean people outside of New England fucking hate knowing why. So why all underdog in nobody thinks they're an underdog. I do know you don't do you think underdog in this game against the I haven't lost sight of the fact of how I felt at the end of the regular season being like we were talking about on the podcast being like, yeah. Yeah. I mean. I mean, they might get there. But it's it's not a foregone conclusion that it's going to be the AFC. They've just flipped. There's david. Yeah. That's what it is. But like you never know when the end is actually coming. So when it came time to so you were doubting Tom Brady. No. I wasn't toning. Tom brady. I was doting every all the pieces around him. So you think you legitimately think that they're still the underdogs in the Super Bowl? You can't. Fucking ridiculous. I don't think anybody who says that's a fucking liar or a on-camera troll, which is all okay. And it's even okay to buy into it and to make it your rallying cry as a fan or in the locker room, but let's be fucking real. I mean going into championship weekend. Like, they would have been the favorites in Vegas had the Miami miracle not happen. That's like that's not dogs. You know what? I mean. Like it's one play Joe that you don't think they would have been could have happened son going sixteen in oh that would've made in the favorites in the game. The chiefs in Vegas. I think everyone who's been captivated by Patrick Mahomes all year the game was in Foxborough that they would have still been the whole way. All the way. Nobody even if they won that Miami game. They wouldn't have been they would have a whole. Yeah. The Miami miracle. You're saying one ridiculous lateral touchdown repealing an underdog. So it's like one freak play. It was. I think people would have still said that we're gonna win that maybe would have been different. But I think everyone. But a lot of people are running with his idea. Look look at this is technically underdog one break. I do I feel like this. But you're doing the same thing right now. Like when you're saying a lot of people you're referring to one single person what you referred to deport her..

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