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I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news station. K t A R News, Mike Broom head show on K T A R news. 92 3 FM and the K T A R news, Adam. Thanks for being here it is the mic Broom Head show. A lot of questions in the last couple of days, had a teacher on yesterday named Heather. To explain the hurt her husband a day apart, got their got their vaccine at a county site and Chandler Gilbert and they're getting down to the wire there due to have their dose by the fourth of the fifth of February. They still can't get through to get their appointments and we began to calls and messages from all over the valley. With people being in the same position. We reached out to the county. They gave us a statement. We reached out to Dr Chris Office. And she is joining us now, Dr Crist. Let's start there with the second appointments. Are you fielding calls in your offices from people frustrated, not being able to get the second appointment at county and or state sites. Yes. So we are getting enquiries from people who are trying to get a second dose appointments both at our state Farm Stadium site as well. Assume that some of the county pods sites and so we've identified that there are a couple of technical issues that we're trying to work through toe for those individuals. And the county has set up a second dose invitation on Lee that will go out in the order. People got their vaccines, and they will be able to get their second doses as well. So then the confusion is, Should those people be going back to the site to try to find appointments? Or should they be waiting Foran additional email telling them about this invitation only. So if you attended one of the county pod sites, and so that's the Chandler Gilbert won the honor. Health Up in the North East, the Obras O or the banner on Do you need a second disappointment? I believe the banner scheduling them on sight. The others you will get an E mail as an invitation to join if you are with If you had it at State Farm Stadium, you should have received an email to schedule. If not, you can call the number on the, um on our Web site. The other thing, though, there is a group of individuals that I think about 3000 that we know that there's a very specific technical issue. We are actually calling every single person on that list. To call and schedule their appointments. Now, in the case of the teacher, they called us yesterday, her and her husband, educators got their vaccinations a day apart. They got their follow up e mails, also a day apart. And then when they went on to try to make the appointments, there were no appointments available and they continue to go on. Is there another email going out for this invitation on Lee Second Dose Bunch coming or are they going to continue to keep going online? I would believe there should be another email coming. I think the county just introduce that in the last day or two. Um and so these are by appointment on Lee and I think a lot of them are being done at the Grand Canyon University site. And so that is by invitation on Lee and it will not show up on a public site. So the state farm at State Farm Stadium. I know that what is happening now is when you get your first dose. They are making second dose appointments there. Why is that not happening at all of these sites, so it's just going to depend on the technology and the system that those sites are using? I we've identified that that's kind of a best practice moving forward. So when we open Phoenix Municipal they will be scheduling on site. I know that banner schedules on site. But it could be things like you have to have ipads in the wellness area in order to be able to do that, and so, really trying to identify what resources are needed, because we have we have identified that that has just been a huge bonus to the patients coming to state farm. All right, so for the people that are going online, I'm just going to give you some of the feedback I've gotten. You've probably heard. People have to go online and we're talking about sometimes people that are in a generation that didn't grow up with computers, and they're having to go online to try to make an appointment and they're entering all of their information. It's taking five and 10 minutes to get that information entered to get to the end of the line to find out there's no appointments and the next time they go online, they've gotta re enter all of that information again, and it's very time consuming and frustrating. Yes, And I completely agree with their frustration. I had to use the system myself to register some family members who had difficulty with it as well. We are taking all of that customer feedback. So, um, you know, we know how difficult it is. That was one of my biggest complaints was. I don't want to go in and check days that don't have appointments. Tell me when the first appointment is or tell me what days have appointments available. That will be going live next week, and we are hoping to be able to also put a fix that you don't have to re enter every time you go back a screen. So we are listening to that customer feedback because a lot of us had our very own frustrating. Um, issues with the website Dr Characteristics joining us? She's the director of the Department of Health Services here in the state of Arizona..

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