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Carol being here every day from one to three you you you let the cat out of the dow good news trouble damn you now what what are the provost stig pointed this out yesterday one of the promos that says it uses the pronoun he and his so we do know that it's a man for those of you keeping score at home but you'll have to then monday at one pm to see who it is maybe start schreiber yeah could be could very well be he's fifty yes i do former general manager right seventyseven ko be a great band are schreiber let's see here emails get this from dan all roads lead to candelaria boulevard brandon seven seventy is on quite a twenty four hour run it all started yesterday with a deep say what followed by the emotional series finale of after dark yes it was pretty emotional it continues as you're already setting eric strauss's house on fire it all wrap up with a trip down candelaria boulevard this afternoon better make sure the radio has fresh batteries check those batteries dead wanted to run out in the middle of candelaria boulevard for bruce it might be saint baddies day but seventyseven phone.

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