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Will not take place next, spreading several businesses in Norwood told to close their doors. As the state hits 1/5 Day in a row with more than 1000 new Corona virus cases. Hurricane Zeta starting to lose some steam as it now moves further inland for the city of New Orleans certainly feels its impacts. Big easy managed to dodge the worse that hurricanes Laura, Marco, Beta and Delta had to offer, but her luck finally ran out after six near misses. The city of New Orleans was impacted New Orleans merely toy Cantrell watched her city take a direct hit from Zeta classified as a Category two hurricane. Thankfully, it came through very fast as predicted. The storm has claimed at least two lives, one in Louisiana and one in Mississippi. Jim Ryan. ABC knows a possible terror attack overseas, watching this in the Mediterranean city of Nice, France. Three people are dead. And the mayor of the city tweets that all the evidence suggests This was a terror attack within the Basilica of the Our Lady of Notredame Church, the mayor giving credit to someone Who he says Stop the attack. This is a developing story, And when we know Maur at W. B c news radio, you will know more 6 16 cloudy skies for now, here in Boston 47 degrees more rain on the way this afternoon wearing a face mask is certainly not comfortable for many, and it certainly does a number on your skin, too. It's leaving a mark and many people. Are forced to relive an embarrassing.

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