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To the national capital March eighth through tenth as a Dulles expo center. Enter to win at WM AL dot com slash contests. Don't miss the markdowns at the national capital vote show with votes for every budget all under one roof, plus free education seminars and experts on hand to answer your questions the national capital boat show, March eighth through tenth at the Dulles expo center. Win your tickets at WM AL dot com slash contests. Better life with Dr Sanjay Gupta is screen time. Bad for kids or what? I'm Dr Sanjay Gupta. CNN's chief medical correspondent. This headline out of the UK recently caught my eye. There's not enough evidence to confirm that screen time in and of itself is harmful to child health at any age making it impossible to recommend age appropriate time limits so says the Royal College of pediatrics and child health the group's president says we need to recognize it screens are ubiquitous in the modern world. We can't put the genie back in the bottle and the United States. The American college pediatrics says no screen time for infants under eighteen months. No more than an hour. A day for kids aged two to five and limits set by parents for children ages six and up with all this about screen time. It may not be just what your kids are getting more importantly what they're not namely sleep. Remember, no screens too close to bedtime. I'm Dr Sanjay Gupta, helping you live a better life. If you need to get healthy, and you want to lose weight, and you're tired of the roller coaster in the fad diets and just. The things that don't work out. Sure, they work. You lose ten fifteen twenty maybe thirty pounds. But then after a couple of months you put it back on again. And you know, what happens gain more weight, right? And now, you're you're you're back worse than you started a big do what I did you need..

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