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Okay so snoring slugs and saw coptic manned. Is it safe the cats and dogs to sleep on our beds. Dogs can carry bacteria and parasites while katzen Smuggling gory presence says it. Best to lock them out of the bedroom. Formatting on the bed snoring the shedding of has stealing the sheets passing of wind nighttime face licking sounds like your normal bedtime par a higher than average chance of catching some coptic monge. If i could sit them down quite explain the risks associated with sharing the bed with us this is in the list re to him. But would he would he listen so Gills how in the guardian wrote this about a young lurch. ause would only Warmly reimagine the scene that he recently saw. When it was a birthday the family would come upstairs on the bed to wake wake her up and then for the first time. The dog went upstairs. Land widowed with joy. This single momentous events started a great debate in the household. Isn't it time we let up upstairs more often. What's so bad about and sleeping upstairs. He's encroaching every other allies. Not why not this one too but like many pet owners gills torn doesn't Sleeping with dogs give them bad habits might spoil the dog my cat. Some awful disease early Early in the argument against co sleeping pets was about effect. It had on the human sex lies in the eighteenth century for instance when the keeping of dogs way. Winning became increasingly fashionable. Populous side is depicted as the threat to bedroom order in such santa's husband fills the dog on the bed is denying him a what should be as rise is wise company and attention therefore the sexual gratification. She should be providing to the dog historian. Bede alison skipper. The arguments changed in the centuries that followed by the nineteen th century. Keeping dogs off the bed became the pet's owners duty to the dog the idea was that the aldo kennel was far better for the dogs health than being choked by coal. Firing the stuffy bedroom mid also the diseases superbugs strains stripped qatar's parasitic infections of mites ticks gut worms. All of that may also be brought into the bedroom So the simple truth does hold any weight. the idea. that man's best friend is waiting for. Its moment to gain top dog. Status turned out to be built on some pretty shaky scientific foundations they have bacteria parasites that can do us harm but the risk is very very low. You could argue that being exposed to some of these organisms might actually do some good so if you keep up with the fleet treatment and worming you'll be good to go Most vets wouldn't recommend Dogs being next to children and also a distinct lack of talk about cats but they can bring mice rats voles. Who knows what else into the into the bedroom. But according to numerous studies about fifty percent of dog is decide. they can live without such drawbacks. And and also co sleep with dogs keeps them from being agitated And then you know In this article a with a lurch all's is a very good boy. He doesn't whine. He chews on his kong puppy toys. Rav in my slippers and then at night Before shutting the kitchen door and going up to said he would flop on the bed and then he waits when the time is right and gills gives way the dog upstairs and they know the risks of the dog sleeping on the bed and then the dog walks the stag eight two upstairs land and relaxes and sleeps with the owner and welcome to trump all trombone. So we take some of the Probably dodgers headlines of the week and decide of his giving a trump trombone a ross be trombone or trump. anyway cyborg limbs close to reality as humans given rowbotham and they can't tell the fingers apart given human cyborg limbs could cause brain damage. British scientists have worn a world first world steady saw volunteers control over robotic third thumb controlled by that big toes. The pioneering battery powered design lousy detects foster performed card tricks and play impossible to car tools but scan suggests whereas adapted to it It may naturally weaken our brains and our ability to tell things apart. Humans have long been fascinated by the opportunities of fallen through augmentation. This vision does not only depend on innovations. But critically relies on our brain's ability to learn damped and interfere with allman tation devices. Thought cyborg some. Would you really want to them out. It might be bloody painful and see beasts with angelic wings washes up on a beach. Leaving walkers stunned. Kenny harris stumbled across a gog oil like creature. While visiting north carolina's outer banks was families. Never seen anything like this before he encountered the gago like creature. A said i went out of her morning walk alone and from a distance i saw something the sand as i got closer to this dead fish that look like some scary sea creature. I thought it had wings. It looked like a goggle. i'm from west. Virginia and i visit the outer banks twice a year. But i've never seen anything like this before is apparently some say the creature was a myth. Mythical chiku bre Oversight back fish hybrid could be could be the issue here and could be the identification but But one one does. Now that it seems that it's grounded and now robber lamb lover. One hopes that said the angel breath is rafa better than fish breath and then only bloat made a blunder imposing an ad to sell his car as he appeared to be amortizing a very different product. Indeed the man who put up some images of quality looking two thousand eleven nissen navarra but on one twenty to use a scroll through the gallery. Forty pitches and they spotted. At least two penis pitches. The man for new south wales then hat is not suitable for work. Images put on a blast after twitter user browned calling and sixty nine discovered them and posted on the screen recording the caption. You looking hopefully ads in the tagline with the advertisement only one owner. Okay i think our a kryptonite has has kept all over away from me. My dogs go crazy. In the course of the podcast. So thank you very much. Thank you very much. A keeping all over the gardner way. I think he did find his lady shadowy and again as i said we're trying to keep the asteroid that is oliver from hitting this podcast. Today and making my dogs go nuts and bark. so we'd been reading out little pieces of the consummation seen from a lady chatterley's lover.

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