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I mean people forget that he did it alabama. You killed it. I mean twenty twenty three three incomplete passes for over three hundred yards three touchdowns any at sixteen gary's gary's ronald seventy six yards and three touchdowns. I mean you talk about this guy lincoln riley. I don't know if i'm a quarterback. I'm going to go play for ryan day or lincoln riley. I don't know i would look anywhere else no other place. No other place like this guy is. Jalen hurts was the number one quarterback in the country this weekend <hes> ninety two percent that great or something i mean i don't. I don't even know what he did wrong. That's what quarterbacks do they just go there and win heisman yeah i mean that was one of the major question marks if jalen hurts was going to be able to become that kind of quarterback in lincoln riley system that he's had so much success with and i think <hes> the overwhelmingly yes. That's the big thing about him. Was he got benched at alabama because is he couldn't throw it as well as two of it. He threw the ball really well and that's a credit to him. The hard work in credited to lincoln riley. Really the other kid on the other side of the ball was their linebacker kenneth murray mike god he was all over the field thirteen tackles two and a half t.f elza sack. He's definitely a player of the week and you know who the player but is an impact of the week is alex. Looks grants yeah the oklahoma d._c. Wow that was like the last defense in the last past visit america and one of the poorest defenses in america last night. You saw him play with swagger raghu aggression attitude. He is transformed the mentality norman. That's for sure houston's not a slouch of a team either. No absolutely not the kinda doc diving into the weekend also just fields was the second highest rated quarterback this weekend so his debut quarterbacks graded out that one to in the country so he didn't play a great team but he had a great day. I know buckeye fans are excited about him and then my prediction for the belinda cough jerry judy great about eighty eight percent ten catches hundred thirty seven yards and a touchdown he caught one and bubble screen and you just saw a different speed coming out a alabama and jerry judy than than you see anywhere else. The only other player that i think has that kind burst there's other ones but the two that i noticed that this weekend and i i saw them explode with the ball in their hands and i said whoa was jerry judy and then travis gain at clemson he was he actually was the most elusive player in the country. If you look at the the make you miss grades the miss tackles great. He was most allusive as a player in the country this week and then the other one. We forgot about him because he was in zero but d._j. Dallas a miami had a hell of a game second most elusive player in week one <hes> so those are are kind of impact players of the week mainly offense offense a guy with a linebacker in there for you also just a review so far are gambling rambling segment. We did people's picks. He people six and three right now a chance to go seven and three tonight i think he took what louisville louisville the point one thousand nine and a half and i'm gonna like that. Someone on twitter was like people's garbage. I was like if you go seven three as far as gambling advice seventy percent ah leading end gambling site in the world now i will say that i was lights out on my weekly scouting report and pick him advice to our v._i._p. Patriots subscribers. I hope v._i._p. Subscribers through some money on those picks right now..

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