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Web development and data science to writing and design of work get done with a freelancer the latest news headlines from npr coming up and a special mother's day perspective all ahead on public radio it's six forty two from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly the taliban are being blamed for today's deadly attacks in western afghanistan more than thirty police officers were killed in one assault taliban fighters stormed a police base white house chief of staff john kelly is expressing doubts about what will be found by special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election something that has gone on this long without any real meat on the bone suggests to me that there is nothing there relative to our president kelly was speaking to npr a house committee has wrapped up its probe of russian interference in the election and possible collusion with the trump campaign the senate intelligence committee is still investigating the chairman of the fcc says net neutrality rules put in place during the obama administration will expire on june eleventh that's despite a push by many states to keep the roles here's npr's james dubec the fcc chairman says the new rules will be light touch and encourage innovation and investment but democrats fear the change will usher in an era of paid fastlane's for certain websites more than twenty states have sued to stop the repeal and democrats in congress are pushing to overturn the change npr's legal counsel has filed comments with the fcc opposing the repeal of those rules stocks are mixed on wall street the dow is up sixty two the nasdaq off sixteen i'm dave mattingly i'm dave freeman in san francisco good morning you're listening to q e d at six forty three don't forget mother's day is this sunday and in this archive perspective pay zhao has daughters answer to a mother's fear that she didn't do enough forgiven of to her child my mom recently apologized to me for being a bad mother it's been weighing on her conscience for some time she felt guilty for not taking better care of me when i was thirteen the year we moved here from china i was flabbergasted by her apology i don't remember being collected sure i spent a lot of time eating take out a loan watching i love lucy but i never felt unloved my mother professional accountant in china had taken multiple shifts of the grocery store scooping chinese food into boxes earning our rent at four twenty five an hour shoulda come home for teague complaining about her backaches and burn marks on her pianist hands then at forty my mom started a nice score to learn english for an office job.

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