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Thing will more often than you think to yourself because you have one officer the lead detective which yeah usually retiring after the case is over right yeah another one that's a rookie that comes in he's really upstart he's aggressive if you want to solve this thing in a hurry to get his name on the boards so they do do that too they take they take the the veteran who's seen it all yeah I'd put him with some rookie that did that so they really don't like each okay got it yes this is like out of my new film plausible deniability I know what he got for his insurance nothing guys the National Football League the changing things around a little bit Amazon's agreed on a new deal with the league other stream eleven Thursday night games per season through twenty twenty two that means we'll be streaming on prime video and also on twitch well those games broadcast on fox big fox TV that is anyway as far as the league itself for considering playing games on Saturday this fall if they are if there aren't any college football games do the corona virus animal owners meetings taking place on may nineteenth and twenty will be held on line guys going to get a password for that one it'll be fun they held richly online nothing doing here in Los Angeles everything will be online the nineteenth and the twentieth for the National Football League a couple guys getting picked up on fifth year options Patrick Mahomes the chiefs Mike Williams of the LA Chargers and you don't need the new job he was just released by the Cincinnati Bengals today switching on over to the NBA executives right now as you guys mentioned with Rick executives and agents who later arrested season should be canceled because the liability issues lebron James firm understands pushing back against that Spurs owner Peter Holt selling a minority stake in the team but he does not want to sell the team and have them moved up from San Antonio guys one other note NASCAR resume their Cup series will begin on may seventeenth in Darlington with no fans in attendance.

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