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Almost every morning. You're in Washington directorate, national intelligence goes to the White House to brief the president about the threats and the challenges the US face it. It's called the president's daily briefing and Clamper gave us a look at his office at how he gets prepared to do that. But for three and start right away and reading the news clips, and that sort of thing get the car protective detail brings me in. And I start reading the ipad, we have president's daily brief and Clapper who's been gathering intelligence for more than a half century. This what he's seeing now is not good fifty plus years. Don't know time we've been beset by a more diverse array of challenges and crises around the world. Sometimes it all almost makes you long for the house in days of the Cold War and a single all consuming adversaries, so you which we came to understand pretty well. This has been a target USA moment episode number one down LeVine. Relive. I'm Jay Jay green in this his target USA the national security God cast on this episode. We've been talking with David Whelan, his twin brother poll, a former US marine disappeared in Russia on December twenty eighth and he's been telling us how this simply doesn't add up. That is brother is not a spy and their efforts to get him back home. Now, we continue our story with him telling us about where his brother is being held and the possibilities for him being released. One of the things that we've we've heard as well is is that he is in the four Tova prison. What do you know about that prison? I just know what everybody else knows by reputation. It's it appears to be a very nasty place to be. I don't know that I would wish it on my enemy, let alone on my brother right early. So you mentioned some time ago that there might be a chance for your brother to get out of prison on bail of you heard anything about that. No..

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