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Is being absorbed by one of the major players under the one point three seven billion dollar agreement announced Thursday investors in Harry's Inc. Will take a stake of about eleven percent of Edgewood personal care company, which manages Schick and other brands Edgewood gets the Harry's brand and access to the company's prize direct to consumer marketing base. Harry's now steps up to the global stage. It'll be marketed through edge wells enormous distribution channels. Harry's founders Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff raider will become co presidents of edgewise US operations when the deal closes probably in early. Twenty twenty betting on sports is big business and Fox Sports is taking a big leap that'll change. How games are broadcast that work is by just under five percent of the stars group for about two hundred thirty six million dollars. That's the parent company of the poker stars online game. Gambling giant both companies will offer real money sports betting. This fall in states where it's legal and their licensed right now. The stars group says it has market access through licensing in thirteen states, and is seeking licensing and others as for the broadcast viewers will now not only see the game but also get betting predictions. Foxsports CEO Eric Shang says this will transform the way sports fans consume sports in America, noting that many of those watching are also betting also planned is free to play game offering cash prizes to users who correctly predict the outcome of sporting events. They hope to have both up and running by August or early September before the start of the NFL football season. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue at the White House. President Trump was.

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