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Mike scott off the bench had eighteen points shot 7 of 10 and kale kelly oubre a junior had 16 points five rebounds shot five 509 as for those hornets you had marvin williams with twelve points he shot four of seven kemba walker nineteen points ham 7 assists he shot six fifteen dwight howard at eighteen points 15 rebounds shot seven a thirteen and you had michael kid goup gilchrist with twenty one points four rebounds shot 8 of eleven so like i said i mean making my pig yesterday had no idea that charlie would do this but like i said vegas knows more than i do i guess so yeah once again charlotte blew out washington 133 109 nor asked for the san antonio spurs they headed into brooklyn ambush brooklyn gave him a fight san antonio one this one 195 marcus aldridge had 34 points 8 rebounds shot thirteen or 24 paul this all had thirteen points twelve rebounds shellfire vape to us tony parker at eight points he shot three of twelve off the bench red patty mills with 25 points he shot 7 of 10 and seven of 8 from 3 as for those brooklyn nets you had allen crowd with 20 points 8 rebounds shot 7 of 12 to why carol had 11 points ten rebounds portion of that from him li shot three of nine and no one else amina side they as spencer dim will sean did like humorous for his name but had 9 points thirteen assists he shot three of thirteen obviously is you could tell nautica shooting that from brooklyn but the hunger out with the team like san antonio had no san antonio bid missing um has been missing kuwait leonard but still the san antonio spurs still ray popovich i mean against that's kind of promising to see that brooklyn hung with them art and you had the detroit pistons heading into toronto louder lowscoring games yesterday to toronto on that when ninety six ninety one tobias harris had twelve points he shot four thirteen aundra jaylen had 25 points seventeen rebounds he shot 12 15 avery bradley nineteen point shot 8 of nineteen an issue myth poor shooting at from him only three points five rebounds five assists shot one of twelve in the game as for the raptors yoenis valid true and it's brought in seventeen points with sixteen rebounds shot 512 kyle lowry not a good shooting.

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