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Now there are an estimated six hundred million christians in sub saharan africa more than anywhere else on earth it all began in ethiopia where christianity arrived a few decades after the birth of christ and became a state religion a few hundred years later ethiopia's religious heritage goes back further still it said to be the home to the ark of the covenant the chest containing the stone tablets of the ten commandments handed down to moses ethiopia will mark in eastern a week because the calendar is that is the country's author does church calendar frank gardner has traveled to the christian heart of one of the most devout nations in the world this is the cradle of christianity in ethiopia spin the site of pilgrimage three thousand years since the time of premium sheba and it's been focused a christian pilgrimage since the first century a d what i'm watching something called the mahela it's a meant procession led by priests asking for forgiveness wearing gold robes and there followed by hundreds and hundreds of women all shrouded in white and they do this every day fifty five days during lent oxfam is the holy land as of judaism the home of christianity one of those outside the church is a christian teacher and gospel preacher for all people of axum is a holiest part mysterious town is very important christians believe this immense power in this place accent now the arc is said to be so powerful some people even believe that it generates fire and even cancerous tumors legend has it that the ark of the covenant was brought here by milic the first he was the son of a union between the queen of sheba and king solomon king solomon was king of the jews queen of sheba known here as queen saba had an empire that stretched right across the hall of africa into yemen and as far north as nubia they had this on mental the i who brought the ark of the covenant this chest in late with gold the contain the two.

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