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Awesome heavy metal rules right heavy metal rules the new steel pather Almaz available now get it wherever you buy I or stream music and go see Michael and sticks and the other cats a Lexi and what's his name Satchel. You'll see mature. The heavy metal rules tourists starts tomorrow night Saturday October fifth at the Las Vegas Events Center in downtown Vegas huge show for them. They got dead state scheduled through September timber. Get your tickets now at Steel Panther rocks dot com great new record and such a fun band to see go. Check them out and check yourself out on the waiting list for Chris Jericho's does rock and wrestling regency park. Do we sell January twentieth. I remember we are completely sold out. There's no more cabins left to get on the weightless only chess come hang with us Chris Jericho Fauzi Ozzie a e w MVP so many people jake the snake Roberts Fluffy is the guest host Craig Gases hilarious thicket grow Shovel Salvo Guerrero Shaw Guerrero. The debts are going to be doing some great burlesque dancing Jack Slade Conrad Thompson Read Cup Jeff Fosse's playing <hes> nowhere to run and now our fifth to -secutive top thirty single. Thanks to all of you farewell two fear a Rubik's cube killer Queens Dave Project Jerry James Nichols light the torch like I said the whole. Aws crew the box Kenny Cody Brandy Hangman moxley source jungle boy Lila rose before Guevarra private party DP is going to be there beyond the darkness. Go stories for all sorts of sold out what you can get on the waiting list that Chris Jericho cruise dot com and if you go on the Jericho groups hooked on the sold on geography who's going to be seeing one of my all time favorite bands right out of Regina Saskatchewan View Winnipeg in nineteen eighty six D band kick axe they toured with Judas priest Whitesnake metallica quiet riot scorpions triumph. You might be wondering if you saw takacs on the list list of talent on the jerk crews. Who are they will? If you don't know the kickbacks L. Vices one of the best albums from the eighties you'll ever hear five part part. Harmonies is create kick ass rock and roll and kick axe will be on the Jericho crews and they're going to be here to tell the story the trials and tribulations the first shoe vices kick axe a rock and roll true story here on Wednesday. If you like eighties rock and roll if you liked Jericho like this <hes> this show so have a great weekend in the meantime and in between time stay hearts they hungry peace love and hugs and a big boy and remember heavy metal rules the

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