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Consulting curator of african arts the museum's collection of african art numbers more than five thousand pieces and in her statement pasternak wrote that overseeing it required a specialist with a phd in this area pasture next statement also comes in response to an open letter from the activist group decolonize this place which called the hiring tonedeaf rose friedman npr news new york the dow is up three forty six or one and a half percent this is npr from k q e d news i'm brian watt facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to issue an apology before congress this week he's expected delivered the same testimony before committees in the us senate tomorrow in the house on wednesday the committee's released the text today zuckerberg says that facebook is an idealistic company and that it did not do enough to prevent fake news foreign interference in elections hate speech and app developers that harvest users data the release of zuckerberg's testimony comes the same day that facebook says it's adding a feature a mini accounts now you will be able to see all the apps that have your data and specific ways to delete them k q e d senior silicon valley editor tanya moseley has more the social media company also says it will begin notifying the eighty seven million individuals whose private info may have gone to cambridge analytica that's the political data firm hired by the trump campaign the firm offer tools they claimed could influence voter behavior ahead of ceo mark zuckerberg's testimony before congress chief operating officer sheryl sandberg went unim media blitz to talk about the company's mishandling of user data we know that we did not do enough to protect people's data i'm really sorry for that marks really sorry for that and what we're doing now is taking really firm action zuckerberg is expected to testify before congress tomorrow and wednesday i'm tanya moseley k q e d news you can read that testimony in advance.

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