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Morning on ESPN Radio presented by Progressive Insurance. No college football in the Pac 12 or in the big 10 12 minutes from now we're going to talk to a member. Of the Corona Virus Advisory committee. So looking forward to that to see and ask him if the SEC big 12 a CC, if they're doing The right thing Right now. There are folks a lot of folks who believe that what the big 10 and the Pac 12 did. Yeah, it might have been the right decision, but maybe they made that decision. A little bit too soon, and Kevin warned, the commissioner of the Big 10 has taken AH lot of flak. There was a write up in the Omaha World Herald by Sam McEwan, who wrote about the fact that there were a handful of AIDS who were pushing for football. Jean Smith, Bill Moose, Sandy Barbara Penn State wanted football to take place yet. Kevin Warren was kind of operating and in multiple silos and never connected those where there was never a big group of people with that included both chancellors and athletic directors in the same zoom meetings in these same conversations, and so you had one side, so we want to play on the other side, saying, I think we're like we're good. That's why you get a schedule release and then six days later You get a schedule essentially canceled. The big 12 is moving forward. At least right now On the flagship podcast bobbles be the big 12 commissioner was asked what's at stake this fall. If there is no college football in the fall. Is it accurate to say there's probably no other sports for that academic year. I I think that's probably right. You know, there'll be some conversation about that. And you know, likely a lot of institutional input, but that that's AH, likely to be the circumstance. I think based upon what I've heard from our campuses That's the big 12 commissioner, telling you that if we do not get through this football season, then there will be no sports in the spring in the winter slash spring. That would be unfortunate for those hoping for a spring football. That would be unfortunate for those most importantly, hoping for another tournament after we missed it out out at last year. Admire. That would be. I was surprised to hear that because we've talked so much about how this virus changes. And if you can't get through the fall is essentially connecting the dots saying, Yeah, we'll see you next fall. Yeah, And I think it's valid. Tio issued at concern if that's what it is. I mean, I think part of the backlash. We have dig knowledge when it comes to the big 10 in the Pac 12. You got a lot of people who understand that we might not play football in the spring. Think about what we thought in March, Matt about what this would be like Right now in this country about where we would be. We thought everybody would have the green light at this point, and that didn't happen, so it's fair for people to go. What's going to change in January and February, when some of these experts are suggesting things could get worse. So I get that and I think that's a realistic perspective for everybody involved that there are no guarantees in spring. I don't think that's what Bob Bowlsby assaying right now, though. I think Bob is saying, Listen now or never, And I want the people in my league to get behind this idea that we have to play football now, because if we don't play football, then there's no room to play any other sports. Now I've talked to Dan Gavin. Senior vice president of basketball in the multiple times. I've talked to NBC president. I've talked to other top coaches around college basketball. I'm convinced That we will have a tournament in basketball one way or the other. Ah, bubble, some remote location. They're going play. But I do think Bob Bowlsby is trying to encourage the sense of urgency. Matt that listen. If we don't do it now, then you know what? We might not have sports till next fall, And that gets people who are in that sort of Oh, no, that fear zone that concern that encouraged them. I think to get behind the idea of playing now and feeling like this is the on ly window. No, actually actually play And I wonder if that's part of the mindset to Sunday morning Magic mired Metcalfe on ESPN Radio as to why those three leagues continue to push forward is The risk tolerance factor of Look, if we don't do it now, we're probably not going to do it in the spring, So let's at least give this a chance to fail. Give it a chance to not work before we go into the well, There's too much uncertainty. So we're not even going to give this shot and you go back to the big 10 aspect of this. And I go back to that Omaha World Herald story where it talks about how the fact that you have this return to competition committee. That the big 10 this task force, the Big 10 is huge on task forces. I think they have, like a half dozen they've had over the last six months, but this one involves coaches. Athletic directors, presidents Psychologists like it involves a lot of people. And my reaction is that's what should have been the return to competition Committee. That's what should have been on the low zoom calls to determine if you're going to play this fall. There wasn't enough communication and that's you know, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. You had some people putting a schedule together the eighties and yet we want to play. You put it out and the president's going. What are they doing over there? Cause we're thinking of canceling this thing. And you have Kevin Ward in the middle. The big 10 commissioners kind of running back and forth almost like a rob Manfred. Say, OK, I'm going to go to you. Okay? What do you want? Now? I'm gonna go to you. What do you want, And that's not how college works. That's not how these campuses work, and and you wonder like you said last week. Mind if it's just that NFL mindset that might have backfired on the Big 10 commissioner. Any time you have an A D like Santa Barbara Penn State, saying, I don't even know if a vote took place. You got a miscommunication problem that has to be changed here in the coming weeks and months for the big time. And then you have the chancellor of the University of Nebraska say no. There was a vote. And so he came out with that. Kevin Warren's letter to the big tank community saying, Yeah, there was a vote. So get a lot of miscommunication regarding the uncertainty, and it led to more uncertainty Sunday morning on ESPN Radio, the ESPN app Up. Next we will chat with a doctor who is currently on the Corona Virus Advisory Committee and what he advised the rest of college football to stop playing before they even start. Coming up. On Monday, three days of NBA playoff action reset, where we stand and write the top five teams who could actually win the title. Keyshawn J. Willing. Zuba.

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