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Here's ABC's Scott Goldberg. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it's concerned about children who've been killed or injured in recent incidents involving school buses in five states. These horrible crashes may have been preventable had drivers simply obeyed state school bus safety laws deputy administrator Heidi came reminds drivers. It's illegal in all states to pass school buses when the lights are flashing and the stop arms or extended to do. So puts precious lives at risk nitsa. Also says kids waiting for the bus should stand six feet away. From the curb, Scott Goldberg ABC news. Authorities are looking into the crash of an Indonesian airliner announcing new progress in their investigation as divers say, they found two engines and more landing gear on the sea floor ABC's. Julia MacFarlane reports from our London bureau. The flight data recorder was recovered on Thursday. And now a low paying Cigna. Has been detected by sonar. Now officials believe that this could be the black box voice recorder. And it may have audio from inside the cockpit. Now officials hope that as more discoveries are made. It may explain why the jet crashed on Monday. One thousand nine people were on board that aircraft all of him were killed in this tragic accident ABC's. Julia MacFarlane reporting all street closed Friday with the Dow falling one hundred ten this is ABC news. Can you remember the last time you had a great night's sleep? You felt the next morning more energized more alive. Feel.

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