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Underexposed under-exploited underused people. Don't pay too much attention and I guess like Own Nike Archives. Especially stuff that people unaware of is just GonNa take one cool person. I don't know someone ever likes social media Luca race up rookie and they stop Nas a Neon Kona. A young Lord Weber may be right. One of those people are going to have to come out and west to kind of get it sky high. I tried to get the acronym due to do stuff that everybody work out now. The big. They're doing it in house. Basically he has to be taken up. I'm not sure why. But it's one of my favorite favorite individuals of Nike and one of my favorite pieces from day is crap. The Nike Mock is a witch. You think it was inspired by a potato or some shit remember limited designer saying something about. It's about a potato and I'm a big fan of. I wore it for many years when I was very much interested in it sneaker culture I had this brand pay. Hey I've got here on screen. I'm going to upload if you hear that saw the OJ. Calloway is sort of like Stony Calloway is Nice Colorado Black and this stony calloway the I had ad for a wild. I used to wear all the time some showed. I'm GonNa show you of me. Actually wearing them find him. On my flicker account remember flicker Yep still got mine Civic could find them here albums of outfits and back in the day which is quite cringed is the way that it is working to find. My what did I wear today post whereas the whole album mea. I've got two hundred and fifty fifty nine posts photos of me wearing outfits. Need to sixty pictures of me Wayne. Close right. And some of them are going to contain an M. COMP- ratio. Let me see if I can find. Some of the Swaggie off is back in the day. Act here actually. I'm going to show you that student that you should that you might like. Where is it this is a nice g to what was dusty Riveta? She isn't right. So I've got an Areva Duchy. Shoot here that I'm showing you from there from two thousand eight. Uploaded added on flicker amazing epic content of their at confined to mock image of me wearing Nike. McAfee with like a A row she Fujiwara Nike Nike Sportswear. Jacket Fini had. I'm pretty sure confined to go to the album. Scroll Down Talk. Open a picture of me wearing the mocks. Coughing is one of my one of my favorite shoes. Shoot I wish I could kind of get back into Knob dumbly wetzel style anymore. So it's hard to do again but let me see. I can find it here. I had absolute swiped back. Wish loss to me say here. Here's the image of me worrying issue. Well who does the me anywhere mark. I've got what the Hoodie again. That's from That's one of the All Russia for jewelry brands but a very Japanese inspired outfit as you can see from the pitcher or Gone Nice. Both were Ranko on and t-shirt underneath. Some jeans rolled up in the air. Mocks socially or good enough t shirt. Good enough lease review dirty showing there yet. Our life of see Nike Stabs. Their mother stuff as wearing but yeah. I'm a big fan of Nike mock. But they're going to bring it back right. They're bringing the Nike Mark and they're bringing it back in a different sore style. Something that we haven't seen previously solve like a weird north face sock ping the shooter North Face did is he on high snow. Bite and pre-commercial screen so this is the Nike. AC Gene New mock report for the campsite recovery casualties the city and outweighed than sandals the big finance. It looks a little bit at the face thing that you might have seen. The kind of shoot obey have let me see image below the key. Peaches a Nike Eighty g mock report earth features asymmetrical opera easy on enough as whereas foot scaping spied Shashi with Nike Soda. Soft cushion okay. So it's not okay so different from the book it's called a scape soul essentially without the laces it's not really a market really cool creeping up a bit of a hybrid refined say see again and it says no says the following g will soon be released. Their latest ratio of the muck which originally released in Nineteen Ninety Four for campsite wrestler becomes realization similar visual Muck the Freeport. uh-huh Al Fayed with a simple up and soft soul and snicker incorporate ising For Scape inspired Shashi with Nike so so soft cushioning by still at the G. opinion better in it. That's so nice right. That Competitive Weber too frequent looks like they should update they should have just updated that upper with the footsteps so I would have liked that as an it may be the same sort of Trinita bomb instead of having that we it's likely to whereas of a hero run this over there was it was sort of this weird sort of like overlapping flat thing right. I'm not really a fan of finishes done. The upper with that Seoul would probably work better and the similar trade game with the swoosh of Front. She'll be weird uh races and Cheetah print. Calloway exclusive union Japan. Nice tie in there. In terms of the day releasing shoes at specific stores that would be more receptive receptive to actually buying a shootout makes more sense. As opposed to flooding. These will ever size in offspring and stuff. You know general cosmas where these and this don't sale but again I prefer audio Gina. Oh Jerusalem more better probably social if somebody could sauce for those with a foot scape so abused super down for it Yeah that's a new version of the mock frequent Better from the side and so much down the side so this one like this image day on the side with that salt. I looked Sukhoi Oregon again not really finding hybrids and become essentially. Took everything away from the muck that makes it special in just turned into uh a tent on your shoe but again you know. I'm I'm glad at least going back into energy archives and tried to bring back some of these I could've shoes I think have been undervalued in the sneaking show the the quality of a combination as quite nice. You'll black ones who equal I think so this window screen and I spear check out. It's going to be out when a little December ninth at Union Elaine Union Japan so check it out. If you're near those places like the shoe of course Whilst we have here it took about the was the rookie. Were big at fifty show in it that minds. Me Of some of the BALENCIAGA ALGA pieces pieces. Bits and pieces people doing I'm sure you guys have seen it already but This is during the ceremony. Was this so this is picture of Sarokin. This is a bit Puffy Rick. I because he's been tend to turn recovers last few days but it's obviously it's actually a moshe. Why all puffed without maybe it's because he's got some Pioline Elga Of A policeman. I have maybe it's a big PAPI incitements to show about. I like the of it. It's it's got little velvet lapels on their The buttons of course shape of Allah. The trousers is very choon. What he's wearing these speed recovering? Gio Baskets They don't do baskets while they Ramon sorry. So the article from high surprise is the following is a rookie. humongous sums up a year while foam aware they saw rookie turned up at. The grammys wearing flamingos pink. Lullaby suit back in February. He set the tone for what would prove to be accused of the men's footwear front. I mean four fronton. Show if he's setting the tone for everybody of maybe people that read the site Over the last few months we've observed popcorn. His biggest pacemakers execute all styles thousand students in myriad of creative ways quite like the the bigger kind of comfortable double breasted suits that. You're seeing a lot of people wearing in human stuff a bit more relaxed less skinny officials of the area where everyone was wearing spray painted. Basically tights suits. But now there's a book will be more loosely be more fun the fabrics Arabic's look like you could just wear the suit all day long. You can probably vote the true your your coughs and playbill football. Put them down and go to dinner. take off your jacket and do some push ups. I mean they look really comfortable so I like that but also like this kind of big oversized suit. Where essentially you're relying on the cup? You're lying an expert panel get it right because you know there's a real big. There's a real fine line between it being boxy and just looking like a cheap. You know freedom a suit that something could call compensated Robinson ware. More design ARY Similar to this of a coat limited fleas. Somewhere for Balenciaga disease. So you know. There's a fine line between this looking at some shirlow. Oh show by picked up in the army. supplus stall and oversee costing cost continues also multiple absorb Biggest tastes makers because excuse styles of ways there were so they've been clashing patterns suits tucked into riding boots and suits in neon colors and even deriving belts at the same time. There's been a resurgence of tailoring. A inexorable influence Salim against exhibit reverberate the law of guys especial mentioned must go to drake who remains unwavering these commitments looking like an gangs however the oversize suits also popped up frequently with Marc Jacobs. Ah last night's bridge freshman awards rookie again. Took relax elements of extreme stepping out in the red carpet in record sneakers at a rapid bellowing customers to peace reenter new frontier line. It was less than Tomfool than what they've been buying of. Hopefully we see this coming out. Hopefully we see more up. She announced he's going to amend the things she hasn't. It might be just a one way for rookie. Going to see more of this form them in different colors. Imagine this really kind of rusty red. Maybe like a burnt orange Maybe a kind of a really washed out green a weird kind of like a washed out purple. They look super good. I'll reluctant maybe. Some prince look amazing so baggy Alpha from. It's a custom piece. I'm assuming that she got made. Four rocky whittle down the runway runway and read. It looks incredible herself. Did it work. Reactions have been mixed. Let's remember rockies usually fire head of the curve okay. They won't get too much on here and take into account. How perhaps it's time to start reading? A close for enormous began very close. Look at that and it. 'cause that's caught expert is ready to Charles's sit. You can obviously tell tell you know they. They fit well in the waste. Kind of Belo out towards the basically the fight all the way down and you've got to check it where social shoulder arms basically filled out popped a lot more than what they actually look. The economy is a little bit of the Tom. Tom Brown car the suit where you make some coffee but they still fit really well. which again is expert pan? Cotton Ball so definitely check that image. I'm not sure if you're going to see much of it in retail stores hopefully with your actually gone social. They're looking at it because I'll definitely be upper buying some kamins fantasy cause reentered everything and this looks like something I would wear. I like him like how it looks especially with the Recoveri- look really cool So yes move on mm from that as well and then that the patio ended. So where do you want ten. Don't waste of your time and I'll go ahead of to work. He's actually doing ensure that number two six six that's does say says frankish almost for tuning in as per you if you're watching a youtube smashed out light button. Click subscribe Dr Comeback Another Day. Obviously common if you have some comments guided why who can about any questions and you know contrition whatever may be. If you're listening to Pod Cassatt believe me. A five star reviews people can find the show and apart from that enjoy a week. Enjoy Thursday. Get wasted if you want to. But I've fouls your wind tool..

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