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Right. Welcome to today's episode of the Brady Bunch on yesterday's episode. I had Tom Brady returning to the Patriots. But I have learned something since then year is what I have learned. We we go you go first guy I and then I go around the room to you guys. That's the way Mike told me to do it. The first time I did the exact opposite west. Which way do you want to do it? Whatever that well listen. Yesterday I had them go into the Patriots. Tom Brady but I have learned some things. It's them and here's what. I've learned a W. E. I report from Dale Arnold. You guys know del for someone. Hearing a name Bell Jack and Brady at a call. That did not go very well. Oh I heard that today. Listen okay this is the Brady Hunt. Always always listening. So you don't have to tell them we're the ones who listen. You're the one who doesn't so a bad phone call where the report was. Belichick told Brady only offer 'em one year for less than what he was making last year. That is a dangerous game. Poker ballot check is playing. Tom Brady Poker chicken the game of Poker Dangerous Game. Russian roulette perhaps which isn't chicken poker. Russian Roulette Different Games. It is Russian roulette perhaps a bit too. That's where you have the gun..

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