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The boys have robert ford and fiv sparks the last call the very last call of the two thousand seventeen world series game seven and as you heard them talk about screaming because it was such a crazy atmosphere there but also because of the excitement first ever world series in astros franchise history and it was more than just a championship it meant so much more to the city of houston the people in that area that region who had been ravaged by hurricane harvey and we had a chance to talk with steve sparks earlier on the show so he joined us in the first hour getting set for opening day today and we asked him about his off season experience and he told us a couple of stories about people wanting to speak to him about how much healing there was in that win for the astros and i remember talking with brad peacock a month after the season and he told us the story of being in vegas at a at a some kind of a table and a guy next to him just happened to be playing cards and was also a houston ian and said my mom lost her house my sister lost her house that win in the world series meant so much to us it was healing it was a opportunity to to find some joy in the midst of so much heartache and also this long process of rebuilding it doesn't just it doesn't just end when the when the rain ends i mean there's there's so many people even when i was there at christmas who are still displaced in waiting for money or trying to figure out how to rebuild and so it's it's a process that takes months and months in many cases and then also years for some people so to have this healing power from the houston astros winning the world series it was so significant and it was great to talk to steve if you missed that conversation part of our podcast of your an astros fan had recommended he talked about being at spring training the addition of garrett cole to the rotation justin verlander getting the start on opening day that massive contract for jose altuve aa that sends a huge message not just to the astros but also to the rest of baseball the reigning al mvp and also what he expects that first time when they're all back together minute maid park the fans have a chance to.

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