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It was good for what I was trying to do at that point. I was so new to the course golf that it matter. Like I could have been planning our nine hole or pine valley, and I'm like, oh, I don't know the difference. More. So I want to tell the story to listen to hear the podcast sitting right next to golden Tate right now is Brian Kelly, head coach, Notre Dame baby? Yes. So you guys have made. What was he like? You know, I didn't. I missed them by a year a year. You're he came in. Okay. Spent time with them defeats great for the program, and you could see the program getting better and better year. So I'm glad we got him on our team. How many did you hear the chance in the background? Jerry Rice. Jerry right now, you look, you see this and we asked these guys about it all the time. You talked about how like growing up, you really weren't. You didn't think Gulf would be fun. But when you look at how many people despite connects, talk about that with how golf connects people from all different walks of life, sports athletes celebrities? Yeah, I think it's, it's, it's a sport that over the last five or six years, I've seen this skyrocket like with all the gear and the clothing and the technology. And then you have events like this, what you have in Mazen's live there come out and play, which is what makes this so amazing. 'cause I'm watching you look around. Starstruck seeing some of these guys and then you know the fans are just amazing hearing you own out here, one autographs and pictures. Beautiful Lake Tahoe in July on the water. Air is nice. Eighty degrees eighty five. Maybe even ninety this week, right? I mean, how can you go wrong? I mean golf is just such a perfect sport to me 'cause I played football player very aggressive, tough on your bones sport. And when I come out and play golf, I can still mentally play the game in stay sharp, but I'm not. I don't walk away from the Gulf war. It's like, oh my gosh, I can't play for a week. Now doing Kreil after go hit stretch. So history mess it. And the thing about golf is it doesn't matter if you are index indexes twenty or or nine. I mean we all hit a good shot at some point that we have. We have a story where I hit a tree far left and I ended up on the fairway, the green, and we all had that story in that connects us. I think in. We all hit bad shots, even the pros, it back shots. I mean, that's one thing that I just think connects all of us, but that's the addiction to is. We hit that one shot just like a dude on TV, and then that is it. Yeah, it is getting we chasing it. Yeah, I give me a bird. Look, you know what? Maybe the senior tourism. Maybe I got a few years to get there, but I mean, all you need is, like you said, just one good shot and you'll be back over and over what's your best round so far that you've ever had my best round actually happened this year. It was at Torrey Pines north, I shot seventy four. And I think I doubled nine. Or doubled eight, came back in birdie nine and get back on track. And then the last eighteen I was so hype about my score. I'm like. Who who else on your team has the disease with you? You know, I'm bringing more and more people, Eric Bryan who's now at the colts got us set this year and he's kind of get all the gear and get right. He sends us Instagram posts on working. Andre Roberts staffer gets out there here in their Dom. You'll back is a guy that play with pretty often are punters Sam. Martin Reggie Bush has gotten. He's got the h. more than I had it when I was starting off. He played in the pro-am in New Orleans. And as soon as he was done, we were sitting up in like the little reception area and he lived in me and was like, yo, can we get more these getting this more call?.

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