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It's kind of funny to think about. But that kind is what it feels like. Yeah, I would assume that this isn't necessarily a game plan where the Patriots are gonna feel like they need to blitz a ton to affect Davis mills. I think Davis mills is gonna give it up to them regardless of they put a ton of pressure on them or not. So maybe a game plan where they're similar to what they did last week against Tampa Bay, honestly, where they have the safety in the middle of the field and the deep middle and they have another player in the middle of the field, the rat defender, if you will, whether it's from the linebacker level or another safety like miles Bryant rotating into the box into that role. You put two kind of help defenders in the middle of the field so that all JC Jackson has to do is play bump and run on the outside and make sure that Brandon cooks doesn't beat him on a go ball. That's pretty much all he's got to worry about. He's got help in the middle of the field at both the intermediate and deep levels. Sharp Brandon cooks could catch a little drag rat or a three step slant or something like that underneath the defense, but then you just make the tackle. So that to me is probably going to be a similar game plan as to what it was. Last week, the Patriots really putting a lot of praise on this Tampa Bay are this Houston receiving corpse. They blow smoke up the opponent every single week. So this is something else, though. I think they said it was the best one of the best receiving groups are gonna face all year or something like that. So yeah I look great at cooks next is as much as the next guy, but it's calmed out. Yeah. So it was a weird typical ballot check pumping up the opponent type stuff. So yeah, I think this is gonna be a very big one rat type of coverage for the Patriots. JC Jackson just jam Brandon cooks and make sure you don't get beat on the go ball. And you'll have help to the inside on some of the other in breaking stuff that they run with Brandon cooks, posts, deep overs, things like that. And just make Davis mills look like Davis mills, right? That's really all it has to happen here in this game and they probably win this game. Regardless of what is offensive line. Right. If they lose it's because it's a massive breakdown upfront offensively. Anything short of that, there's no reason for them to lose this game. Yeah. They will have to worry a little bit about outside zone running in this game. David culley coming from Baltimore, knows how to scheme it up in the run game from being with Lamar Jackson and the ravens. He obviously doesn't have Lamar Jackson. Texans had Tyrod Taylor starting in this game and be a lot more interesting to be honest with you..

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