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They were peripheral. That's right. Whatever. Clever Professor Let me ask you a question. Why did the waitress what did the richest say when Rick Astley as for an order of apple pie and ice cream? What did she say? I'm never gonna run around and desert you. Listen, Let's talk about Christmas movies. Wow, We've officially all started watching Christmas movies. But what if you go to Netflix and discovered that your favorite Christmas movie isn't available? Well, get ready to have your mind blown. You can use Express VPN to watch any Netflix library in the entire world. This weekend. Used express creepy industry. My Christmas classic love actually, but it was on German. Netflix so simple. I just open the express VPN aphid one button to change my location. Refresh Netflix. That's it, and by the way, it was not in German was in English. Express VP Unless you control were sites think that you're located. You can choose from almost 100 countries. So imagine all the Netflix libraries that you can explore. And it's not just Netflix Express VPN works with any streaming service is the Plus. Who, Lou BBC. I player. You name it. Express. VPN works with all your devices to including phones, tablets, media consoles and smart TVs, so you can use it to watch whatever you want on the go around your big screen, go to express VPN dot com slash came to get an extra three months of express VPN for free. That's expressed.

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