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Look me up to machine so I teach a teaching the computers and the deans of the top universities. Wanted wanted my mind and I keep my temple clean. I'm a perfect specimen. Yeah I've never been to a bar in my life. He said he's not bitter about not being not making any money from the TV show in decades because he and his third wife Tracy devote themselves to charity. They run the law. This is a confusing Arctic confusing sentenced to read. They run the largest giant dog rescue charity. The industry is the largest to say this a largest most giant hooked. I was like Oh giant. Giant dogs wavered. Yeah like Marmaduke. No KLUBER is a lot bigger. After the Marmaduke wavered is in some pictures Clifford is would change. All the time is very convenient. How those books ever got publish? It's beyond me. He says that fifteen thousand five hundred dollars or be would be dead if it weren't for me and my wife teen thousand five five hundred five hundred that's a lot of dogs and then he says now for me and my wife. Yeah this guy did ash then listen to this. He claims at all all times at minimum they fifty dogs in their house. And these are fifty giant dogs. You know this guy probably made so much money for that one always the TV show. What Batman Yeah? I don't think so back then. They didn't they didn't treat these guys. Well they were like The the Catholic League called you guys start taking pills and he had these big go back inside view. The final claim here. He says we make our own. We make our dog food. Our food is at all store at all the stores across America. It's called gentle giants and we don't take a penny from it. We've discovered a way to double and triple the life span of dogs. No they have no of course they haven't double. You're telling me they're like forty year old dogs out there now because they burt. Ward's Doug Food Kidding supermarket not every supermarket all store so good any sort word needs to be fucking take it down and I gotta go up to per ward. You're full of beans and we go to TIFFANY's on Fifth Avenue here today. I can't burt ward's awards Dogra the bike. Of course we have it in the bad. It'll make you lift a terrifyingly long time. Make your dog outlive you. Las Pinas media..

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