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Warrant Russell. Hey, we got some phone calls. They wanna talk to your day. So let's get back to two seven three seven twelve hundred one eight hundred three eight three nine six four Beverly morning. Hi. Question. The other day I saw at court. Plant. I think it's called pronounced hydrangea just what color wasn't was booming was green, okay? Wasn't booming yet? Blooming and diplo green now. Nurseries looking for one and they said they told me that the only way you could get him. Green was to use a special food. Substance to give them. And it would turn the, the flower green. Is that true or not? Or have you ever seen it depends on the variety? If it's still green in my be the flour is still forming, and the as an open to the color. So, for instance, if you look at the floral quality says that you see, when says, I said once issued the flora quality hydrangea years that you see during special occasions like mother's day. What they do is the pink is the, the usually the standard one, and if you want them to be blue, then they use a very high acid, which is typically aluminum sulfate, that you can do yourself and really acidify that's going to change the litmus tests on this city. Inoculating. In a make pink to the bluish color. Then, the, the white ones then they usually use a magnesium sulfate. Okay. Now this grain situation. What I think we're seeing how large is the flower, first of all the normal, you know, Sixers across for four to six how do you know how long it's been open because what I'm thinking right now, is it hasn't colored up yet because it doesn't have enough nutrition or sunlight, unless it's a variety, that's that I'm not familiar with your neighbor. Yeah. I did she? She went with because she was babysitting plant, another neighbor. And so she said, I wanna keep this alive. Holiday. So she's babysitting the plant, so she and I went looking for a plant like that. We went live here, Bandera road rainbow gardens, and all those along Bandera road. We've and went to a couple over on Blanco. I mean on on. Can't think of it right now ten road. But anyway, couldn't find one in the only one we, we didn't find one but the guy at the nursery on Bandera road told us that you can buy a and he went to look for it, but he said, even out in would he would receive Thursday, and it's a substance, you can give the plant animal, turn green, or you can have huge it and pink or different one, the colors, I just mentioned aluminum sulfate as pink to blue magnesium sulfate as to make it wide. But I've never seen that grain so t the variety issue or something. I'm not familiar with. But I think it just hasn't colored up. To what that is just starting to get ready to bloom, but those kind of particular procure right there. Well, okay, I don't maybe would know if there was such a planet, green, green one, I have not like for Saint Paddy's day for carnations and stuff like the white carnations. They use those dies to make him green, but on I've never seen that for the hydrangea. Thank you very much for the information. Thanks for the call. Beverly should go to Carol. Good morning Carol. How are you? Good morning. Excellent. Thank you. Cool. My grandson has grown in Kodo she'd, and he wants three planet, but I'm not sure how to replant it and. Got one stamina. Two feet long with ours and then it's got a bunch of growing in water. Okay. So, yeah, a lot of people do that. You know, with the Haas, avocado, which is the best between Guatemala Guatemalan and Mets again selections. And that's the most famous for what the mole in all the condos we'd, so everybody gets a seed, and they've put in a little water and grow than they've bought it up. But realistically, you know, when you grow a plant in water like Ivy or something like that, it forms a different air route in water, and it has reset a new route system in the potting mix. So next time that we do that just directly put him in little pots. And then when we grow these plants ideal if we can use of rain water because often the men, this apology water, tens of really burned, a leaf edges, of avocados and.

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