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The Champlain Tower. South tactical rescue teams worked through knee deep waters to try to find survivors. The investigation into what caused this 12 story building to partially collapse is just getting underway. The building was going through a re certification process at the time in one Florida professor, claims the building has been sinking at least two millimeters a year since the 19 nineties. Keep it right here for the very latest. Vice President Kamala Harris is headed to the southern border today with a visit to El Paso. The vice president is being accompanied to Texas by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro America's and Democratic Durban and Veronica Escobar. President. Biden says the vice president laid the groundwork for her visit with a recent trip south of the border. Mexico Reading the vice president has been tasked with getting to the root causes up mass migration. The teenager, identified as the new suspect in the mass shooting on Sixth Street in Austin, was arrested in Colleen yesterday, officials said. 19 year old DeAndre White was taken into custody by members of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the Clean P D SWAT team. What is believed to be the only person responsible for the shooting on June 12 that killed one and injured 14. He's being held on a million dollar bond. Two teens are in the hospital after a shooting on San Antonio's West Side. It happened just before 3 30 this morning at a home on South West 36th Street in Marbach Road. Police say the teens were drinking with a group of friends and one of them was playing with a gun that went off hitting him in the hand and another teen in the stomach. Latina was shot in the stomach is in critical condition. The other was also taken to the hospital by ambulance after trying to drive himself No word on charges. The Dallas County D. A says he won't seek the death penalty for an accused serial killer Billy to murmur is charged with capital murder, accused of robbing and smothering at least 18 elderly women. He's entered a plea of not guilty. D a John Cruz. Oh says he's told victims families that his plan is to have two jury trials in order to secure two sentences of life in prison. With no possibility of parole. The D. A would then ask for the sentences to be served back to back so to murmur would never get out of prison. Well, there's a wide ranging history of sentencing facing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Today. Chauvin is part of a small group of non federal law enforcement officers such as police officers, deputy sheriffs and state troopers who have been convicted on charges related to on duty killings in the past 15 years and an even smaller bunch to be convicted of murder. On average, those officers have received far less Prison time at sentencing than their civilian counterparts. The average punishment for the nine who have been sentenced so far is 21.7 years in prison with 81 months as the shortest sentence and life in prison as the longest, the question remains. Will a 21 Year average be seen as fair by the people of Minneapolis? Retail firework sales are legal in Texas. From now through the Fourth of July. It is illegal to buy, sell or use fireworks inside the city limits of San Antonio, but they're allowed in other parts of Bear County. The Bear County Fire marshal is reminding residents they can be charged with arson. If they're fireworks, set a building or vehicle on fire..

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