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On people's ankles and stuff. It's like what? Said about also thanked from his point of view. The fact that he wanted to be Yankee should be enough for Yankee fan. So pre she'd that he loved the Yankees, and I guess he felt like you know, maybe that, that message didn't get out there. But, you know, when you think about Brian Cashman, and how he is built this team over and over and over again as the season has gone on one thing that is obvious obviously apparent to me is that he recognized that in the future he's going to have to pay some of his own players face a judge swimming that he stays healthy, and Gary Sanchez and glared Torres. And and to Harvey still here in Clint Frazier if he's still here is all going to end up having to get paid. And I think one of the reasons why he stayed away for Manny Machado and Bryce Harper was because he knew that, eventually, they're going to have to show some big bucks for their own players, and you can't add a three hundred million dollar player in the midst of that, when you already have Stanton on your roster, and you also have ellsbury, you know, who's not on the Rossi's injured. But the point being is that I appreciate what Brian Cashman did this year, more than any other year because we pay packs, and of course, but he didn't pay LeMay you all that much? No mayor has been one of the best players, the Yankees have had, and he stayed away from both Harper Machado, knowing that the future is going to be expensive for the you make it twelve billion a year, two years, twenty four million. Yeah. It's that competitive balance tax to that we don't talk about enough because we think that all team like the Yankees team like the Red Sox, they're going to blow right through offline blow through it. Right. But they are conscious of that the Yankees do pay attention to that stuff, and they would rather win without dealing with that competitive bouncing. Now, I think that if it was a move that was absolutely no brainer for them, and they had to go beyond it, then I think that they would, but I think the preference is to stay under that there's plenty of room to maneuver and put together a good team without crossing. Barrier of the competitive balance. But also knowing that in the future, you're going to have you're going to end up having to pay guys. Yeah. You have to take a look at their contract, you have to decide whether or not you wanna eat up some of those arbitration marks, they Severino Hicks. They started doing that, which is smart. It's very snake. You can't do that day. Aaron judge isn't gonna take a deal like that. I don't know. He never know. You never know about Aaron judge last year's is what, what has happened hurt. He's been hard. So I mean but still, he's not taking a deal like that. He's not taking Erin, hicksville, right? Let's go to Anthony in Westchester Anthony, what's happening today? Hey guys, what's up? Good morning man where you got force. Komo on him. I just wanted to call in and talk about what a great event you guys put on over the weekend headline. Is this is my second year and just wanted to say that a very good job. Thanks a lot. Anthony, we had a blast man. It was it was a ton of fun walking out of there with a big smile on my face, and hanging around with people. I can't I can't say enough about the fans that show I gotta ask you a question Anthony because I think it'd be the perfect guide to answer this who's who has better stage presence Al dukes or Gregg giannotti. I would say, oh, wow. I thought out a little bit funnier than you are when he was on stage the head. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Why do you say that? I don't know. It just seems so awkward with Al. That it actually is funny. I'm definitely much more awkward. Yeah. Right. Okay. Like you know what you're doing like you're like headline in a band. I felt like you felt like you were up there with hike jalapeno dream and stuff. I went up there, and I played music. We're having said a positive thing about it since I've done it when I sat back down, took a while to get into it. And now this morning he said it wasn't funny. So I'm glad everybody else thought you look great while I was doing the job Ingo voice him hitting Christopher Johnson with a bat. So there wasn't really a serious song. So Mike at Bergen county. Mike, what's happening gentleman. Great job on Friday. It was a pleasure meeting you guys in saying, I had a fantastic time, whom I got to talk to you, and told you a little about my background without going to in-depth. Yes. And how can how the show helped me out. Appreciate you guys. Geo your soul. Fantastic. I told you should have did a Mike encore. Maybe we'll we'll save that for next time. Yes. And boom, I think you've got to watch your back. I see a geo and Lena show on the horizon. Yeah. I feel that way to Mike. Mike goes, great to see and talk to you, as well. And hanging their brother, you're going to be just fine. But I will say that getting a chance to beat all of our listeners in having a good time and just let loose for few hours after the radio show that was more fun than the actual show. Why people are so nice. It really is incredible. The people show about that headliner event are so nice, and I can't thank them enough. And you meet about two hundred three hundred people in the course of that day. So I just I wish you could think every single one of them personally. But most people like your outfit or now. Yeah. Well, like I told you man people don't say anything negative to your face about it. You know, they might they might have said something bad to you value, can't believe what he's wearing. But to me. Everybody seemed to love it. Yeah. Here. Here's the thing, boomer. I knew it looked good. I knew it did. So that's all that matter. If someone didn't like it. That was their opinion. They didn't get it to me. I knew that, that was the perfect outfit. I hit it out of the park, I nailed it. The song was great, too, despite what you thought. I don't understand why you didn't like it. But everything works. I didn't like it. I said, just took a while for you to kind of get into it, and then once you got into it, then then that was a that was a new and improved GIO that I've seen. I've watched watched it back to see what you were talking about now. I got right into it. Now I nine. Well, that's fine. That's fine. You're, you're out of control action. You're like the Ben mcadoo WFAN. It's unbelievable. And Ben mcadoo showed up. And he had that square suit on and everything that wacky hairdo, and it just didn't look, right. It just felt like very like I dunno awkward. And then the next year he came back. He lost some way. He's slicked his hair back. He had the Titus suit on and everything of my. Wow. What a change over. I feel like that's what happened with you. That's not that means I'm not gonna have a job into the auto. The Ben megatrend this different type of job. I don't want to be on the Ben mcadoo track about. Enter fans of version. No, no, no say. Do not say the WFAN's version of Ben Mattie lost the Lockerbie Joe punchline right now. But that's that's football. This is your entertaining. Okay. So I think that the new and improved more confident more Swazi Gregg giannotti is better for our show. Okay. Well, that's good. I'm glad you are have become like Rico swabbing. I don't know about that. I mean today. See yourself on that stage that, that, that screams Rico suave okay, good. I'm glad I'm glad it worked out. I mean, I'm telling you. I mean you guys showed up there. Like like you were going camping like I couldn't understand looking at you and Jerry next. Sleep the night before. Okay. Hold your y okay? I'm right to do. Man. I mean, I just the fact that I could actually peel myself out of bed and get there on time at the end. But the outfit to me is like still, you know, you could have no sleep or sleep, you could stepped it up a little bit for the show for the people. I showed up, and I performed and I hung out jam gays had over your face because I had bagged you could travel Europe with under my eyes. Couple of duffle bags under the, yes. No. It was. It was an awesome show. And by, by the way, Brian Kirk jerks. How great with that. Ben all everybody was awesome off the charts. It was going ban. But again, you, you and your newfound confidence is a welcome. A welcome sight. Okay, good. I'll keep it going. I will try to keep it going to be wearing a Speedo no next year. I'm going to be back up to two hundred and fifty three pounds that's going to happen. Murdy start. Now I'm already working on it. All right. Boomer and geo on the fan. CBS sports network. Experience the number one men's groomer on the market shave it up manscaping dot com. For simple, ineffective manscaping. Get of a second. As seen on shark tank manscaping has the blades that allow you to trim. Those sensitive areas. You dig do what I dig it the perfect package two point. Oh kin. I mean, this is a mess may was until you get the kit and it features the lawnmower.

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