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And most people would say, we did a better than anyone else in it allowed us to move from one market to the next the next. So the leadership lessons is much like you do your own mod, casts, etc. You have a reputable playbook of innovation you do again and again, and and you changed when somebody catches you as you said a moment ago, but that's exactly what I've learned to do over the years. So reputable playbook for how you do acquisitions, a reputable playbook for how you do digitisation countries. A reputable playbook for how you deal with customer problems, reputable a playbook for how you become one or two in each category. And so what I'm doing now with startups is a reputable playbook, how do you get the market transitions? Right. How do you select the right CEO to be able to do this? How do you listen to customers that will tell you these are the company should invest in? How do you be pretty sure that the venture capitalist angel investors are the skills that are needed within this and that they're building a great team, and then you just cook. He cut it with tremendous speed. I think that model work across the country and partnering with BC's much like I did during the ninety s Martin or with a major VC's into the valley, and they gave us the pick of the litter in terms of which companies to acquire about doing reputable. But most people think venture capitalists, artisanal really like that's how they sell themselves that they are special and that isn't. It isn't replicable. Okay, agree with part of what you said. I think they're lying, but go ahead. Like like staying here. I think what it is is they are brilliant, identifying trends, early masculine, not there's only one St John. I am basically a person that goes listen to customers and they'll tell me which companies to buy or which companies to invest in. And so focus on how do you skill and grow an organization. That's where my skills are, and I've seen every movie there is in the world, and I've done some things right and not mistakes along the way. But with these small companies, they learn so quickly. And so what I've learned is when I sold small companies over the last two and a half years learning space, that's what my friend said, John, you should write a book because it isn't about startups. It's about a startup world where every organization, whether the government or big companies, small companies must have a startup mentality on speed fearlessness ability to dream. My regrets are not that I dream too big. I probably should have dreamt Baker and take more risk on it. So teaching that is very key teaching startups how to deal with the media, and it is so fun having. Teaching a young CEO how to interface somebody like you care. How do you have questions and how do you answer the questions but also when deflect them and and how do you have fun in an interview indirection teaching them how to scale an organization and how to do channels and how to do our in d- how do you go global, etc. And I think that's what's missing if we're waiting longer for the company to go public, then you don't have the benefit of the boards being exit ios of other companies, etc. Helping you grow in the feces to your earlier point, most of them are good on ideas, but not anywhere near as good skilling indices been done is it's very artistic. It's like you have to be here. You have to do this. This is not, and it seems like they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Like they keep making the dough and I'm like, can't you just do this in a more organized fashion all act like they can will. I think you've hit on several things that have fairness. The first is the model that made us successful a decade or two ago isn't going to make a successful. Now we talked earlier about ninety percent of venture. Capital going in Silicon Valley just what was that in the US twenty years ago today it's only fifty. You have to do different models. So I'm trying to be a model of how to do differently just like I did at Cisco on how do you acquire? What are some of the key lessons?.

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