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Forty degrees we have sunshine in Boston it is nine thirty on this Tuesday morning and thanks for joining us I'm Jim McKay and here's what's happening for our hoping you don't have to worry about any more Christmas shopping or holiday travel and you can just sit back and enjoy the holiday and now we realize those who can sit back and enjoy Christmas are few and far between but we continue to track Santa's ride from the North Pole and the globe so far he's delivered over one billion gifts of us far and at last check San is closing in on north on South Korea according to the NORAD tractor we spoke to NORAD this morning captain Katie Spencer explaining how they're tracking Santa and his reindeer on this Christmas laid a lingering those presents all across the world our editors find for defending and protecting north American air space and so we can sense anything with a key signature the because Rudolph's nose so bright and it had incorrect heat it project manager in so we use our satellite white Riaz knows you think you're thinking it's satellite in will be tracking nor at of course throughout the day in Santa on his ride again he is on the Korean peninsula as he will continue his journey arriving in the wings and some time later tonight a water main break work is over in north Quincy this morning for now road closures in the area of west Squantum street in Faye at street not far from the north Quincy T. station had been there since yesterday afternoon about an hour ago Quincy police saying the road was re opened however they are cautioning those road closures are gonna start again Thursday morning as they will be re paving that area after that water main break yesterday afternoon.

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