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Here it's so deputy fills in the plot but yeah there's a graphic sex scene in soon as it came up on the screen this french couple just up to one another on known very loudly and everyone laughed around in which was which was very charming that's that's a good cam moment yes so what's coming up what news we got today any any can gossip any headlines i guess the big thing is that the new terry gilliam film the manning killed donkey ot was it was in flux whether it was going to actually play on the festival due to a lawsuit over rights and ownership but it seems that yesterday it was cooled in favor of the festival so the film will be playing and of strange needs if gilliam himself suffering a small stroke over the weekend but apparently he's now right was rise right posted pictures of himself jumping around in in english country garden so that will be happening and actually hobby might have some contention for the pump donkey exactly yeah we've got coming up tomorrow we're going to be talking about the new pablo pollock hausky film cold war which is a romance set in kind of across europe in the again the years following the second world war and then we're going to talk about from petra by jim relentless hymie resolves maybe by directors fortnight i'm going down tonight to watch film so off the beaten path highly recommended.

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