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In las vegas detroit. Tickets for twenty twenty one iheartradio music festival including the daytime stage at axs excess dot com presented by samsung galaxy. Samsung wants to remind you that on august eleven. There's only one question. you should be asking yourself. Are you ready for this life. Something big is brewing. Find out more at samsung dot com slash reserve many of those hendaye. Gloria stefan here. We are red tabletop via stefan's to podcast just like our red table talk sisters. We have brought three generations together to talk family relationships and social issues from the perspective of three five win loss has latinas join me with my niece lily. A beloved latina tv star and devoted mother of two. She is esta fun. You can break my heart. Take my soul and my daughter emily. She's a talented musician. She's outspoken and a powerful voice of her generation. She's esta fresh people. The people but you have to make the first step to say that. And i messed a fierce. I'm gloria stefan performer. I've been married for forty two years have two children one grandson and five dogs. Listen to read tabletop via stefan's as part of the mike duda podcast network available on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts news this is the third line side. Believe that we will win believe that we will win last night. Was that no one men's national team. Oh the honduras yes by the way. The first half was discouraging. Did you notice what was interesting was there. Subs did all the scoring like the wrong. Starting group out there yet. it was. It was a wild night. It was it was fun to watch on twitter because for as much as we all argue with each other all day about everything that we can't agree on anything when it comes to our football teams men's and women's we are all in and we are stressed out and that was stressful. Last night. i didn't play weston mckennie. They had two of their starters. Weren't there they had a very interesting team is that i just don't feel dynamic in the midfield. I don't think we create much and a first half it was ugly. It was blake pressures on after missing the world cup in two thousand eighteen and after two consecutive draws opened the qualifying rounds. The us finally got a win last night against honduras they did start off. Slow and trailed one nothing leading to three substitutions at the half which you mentioned but the star of the match eighteen year old ricardo peppy who scored a goal and had two assists in his debut and they roared back four. Two one win. Pepe committed to play for the mexico just two weeks ago significant it is and also in the second minute. Christian pulisic was substituted off. He hurt his ankle. It looked serious. He needed treatment. After a challenge and then fell the ground after trying to sprint on a dribble so going to have to monitor that obviously anthony robinson ricardo peppy brendan aaronson and sebastian legit all scored so we have five points and three matches of the fourteen world qualifying matches so though they'll play the next qualifying cycle on october seventh that starts to play jamaica panama and costa rica so they are third in the standings behind mexico and canada. The top three teams qualify for the world cup four -sition qualified off of intercontinental playoff. So in a good situation now not great. Good situation pressure still on but that was a nice nice confidence boosting win and they overcame. I like to see if you start slow. It's a little struggle. it's clunky overcome. that's what i like to see to me. That's growth so. I was in curbs encourage last night. My being too optimistic no i mean i just think i worry about weston mckennie. What where. He's one of our top three young players. And i just did a head. Shaking that game against match against canada was a wasted opportunity. Yes yes that was. But i like the recovery boys. Let's keep going so. Baker mayfield is eligible for contract extension with the browns team has not made any substantial contract talks with him yet. That doesn't seem to be an issue for baker though supporters in the plan all along and both sides are cool with entering the season with out a deal in place. They picked up his fifth year. Option for twenty twenty two. Well he was a number-one pick so he he did make decent money. Yes and he's well liked. Consider the commercial money. And all that. Although i mean cleveland's not a big market right so like when you talk dallas when people were talking about this with dallas. There's some value to being the quarterback dallas cowboys which you could definitely argue if you are the jones family like. Hey you know it's funny. We always dallas cowboys in the world. It's always funny. We always call like certain cities small market. So cleveland has the rock and roll hall of fame baseball team an nba team. An nfl team. I do not that small now. They're not that smart of major air for markets in dallas. Right there but you know it's funny everybody now like in baseball. It's like oh minneapolis. Minnesota is a small market team. Minnesota's got more fortune. Five hundred companies been all but about five cities in the country like cnn. They say that about pittsburgh elvis. There's a major corporations every university carnegie mellon. They got major universities. You sit research center. Morris pittsburgh's baseball's got a problem and it's called no salary cap so when pittsburgh minneapolis and seattle or called small markets in denver those are not small markets. Those are international destinations. Were corporate hubs. Cleveland's not that small. No it's not but but when you're talking about marketing generally you think dallas. La new york jealous miami. But like. I don't really like to consider that as a part of you know what baker is going to make like. That's that's not necessarily what he does for a living. Is those commercials. Although louis does have a lot of them. I don't think this is a bad situation for baker to be and we were talking about earlier there sort of tears. There's guys you know are automatically josh allen just in herbert yeah yes but like the argument is should what should he paid and should he make this a should he make that the market dictates what you make if if it's set at a certain level for a certain type of player you're probably going to make around that and sometimes you'll make more than that even if you're not necessarily as good of a player as that player that was paid because the next gets more and so on and so forth generally. That's how it works. Even in the salary catholic. It's gonna go up for quarterbacks. The market's been set but for baker like the argument. He's not patrick mahomes. Well yeah. Nobody's patrick mahomes. Except for patrick mahomes. Yeah then. Nobody's tom brady except for tom brady. There's aaron rodgers. there's not that many guys. So what are your options. baker. Mayfield as winning games. He is completely bought in an embrace that city. They love they love him. There's extreme value in that if you're an organization he doesn't have to be. Do you think the question is Dj daniel jeremiah. Bucky brooks this. Confetti guy could you win a super bowl with baker. May well if you had the right pieces around him. I believe that you could and if you can. I'm probably closer to know. But matt ryan came within a catch from julian edelman and i never saw matt ryan confetti guy but anyway i mean maybe what matt ryan contract is joe. Flacco and nick foles. Were confetti guys. So yes baker would be confetti. Got so if you feel like you can win a super bowl yes. All things considered baker may foles change. Everything i mean seriously. I mean joe. Flacco is a good argument for that too because joe flacco nick foles a backup. Joe flacco is legitimate. There's this wasn't twenty years ago. The game was passing league when flacco on it. And when nick foles want it so yes i mean there's kirk cousins. I don't see a confetti guy. he's the line there mean. He's the long that's very. Yeah he's the he's the guy. He's the last quarterback. Derek kharami could be a confetti guy. Kirk is the most talented guy in the league that you don't think i don't think so. I think baker falls into that and damn darnold.

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