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Under renovation. Some families have to leave their homes as a result of the spire. There's no word yet on the cause. When's news times, 6 11 traffic in transit on the ones now and here's parents, Stuart. All right, Lee, we're gonna talk about New Jersey for a second. We've got to get Tommy Lee Avenue here out in the open. We are jammed on totally avenue right now. Both ways in the county road. There is overnight construction. Obviously late running. We are packed on the north bound side of China Lee in the county road from the circle. And we're jammed on the South bound side of China Lee in the county road from back before Secaucus Road. It is ugly and a miserable start to morning rush hour in Jersey City, as we check what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. The inbound Holland has got a 15 minute. Wait. Same at the George Lincoln Tunnel. Excuse me, and the inbound side of the GW Bridge is still 10 over on the East side. The Harlem River drive is Jim now, 1 30 is down to 120th Street. So far not affecting the inbound side of the RFK yet also, she's me. The Throgs Neck and wife Stone are doing very well and over the outbound 59th Street bridge. There were delays getting into Queens Boulevard inbound were slow, but certainly not heavy. Thean bongo want us in Brooklyn that is heavy from 39th Street to the Brooklyn battery, and we still have that crash on the westbound l I e 108th, we are packed. From back in 162nd now right now, currently because of this accident, Satin Island is great Alternate side of the street parking rules and regulations are in effect today, and we've got train delays on the seventh and the EMS this time around. I'm Karen Stewart. Your next report is in less than 10 minutes of 10 10 wins, You know that Sam's hand Wayne, Zack, you other four day forecast here with that this morning, meteorologist Matt bends. And a nice quiet start this morning Lee and no complaints here in the weather Department here really, for the rest of the week,.

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