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Told you're not allowed at Miller park what's the role of broadcasters during this ramp up spring training enhanced period well it's a really good question and and because everybody's trying to be as safe as possible and trying to limit exposure and and and increase social listings of distancing as much as possible we really won't have access to the players nothing like what we have during a typical spring training or during the typical regular season so most of our access with the players in communication with the players will come V. as soon calls and things of that nature that's just the way that it's going to be this year it's going to be different in that regard but I think we're all fine with that as long as we can play baseball and so that's the alternative is is finding a way to play baseball we're good with it okay lane are you going with summer camp for spring training two point oh I'm going with neither I'm going with ramp up can't help that I like that better simply put baseball is pushing the US summer camp idea of what noodles and relay races yeah I mean my daughter went to summer camp last year up north it was actually she loved it she was gonna bomb she couldn't go back again this year but no I I I've seen at summer camp seems to be the way it's trending in and it feels like that kind of came out of nowhere I really thought everybody was going to spring training two point no but I did feel some push back to that early on like well it's not spring training so we don't want to call it spring training so I just kind of settled in my mind on Colin it ramp up camp because that's really what they're doing there is ramping up to get ready to play regular season games but it looks like summer camp is when it right now what do you make of the rumors of initial forty five man group that will begin workouts at Miller park does anything stand out to you about the the group of players will be part of Canada no not particularly I I took a look at that today and I'm I mean I think the sixty or whatever that number ends up being when when they kind of show you who's all going to be in Appleton might might even be more interesting because maybe there's a prospect here too that we weren't expecting that ends up getting added to that group probably the most important maybe most interesting name to me was drew Rasmussen the.

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