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With a four one win tonight here at Emily arena. We'll get to a quick game recap in just a little bit. But let's go down to the locker room. Talk to our good friend. Eric Earl and sin e the mood down in the locker room. Sure. Disappointed. No doubt had some chances and Nashville as we said pretty good team. Yeah. Disappointing but encouraged because they did do a lot of stuff a lot of a lot of good stuff. And it was so relentless on the puck. They were so chase down puck. So well. And that's against a really good Nashville. Tina has really good defense and they were able to keep the puck in zone. That's that's really something to build off of. And that's kind of a theme disappointed. But know that they can do, you know, these kinds of things against really good teams. Yeah. Every line. I thought had their moments and the third line the fourth line the second line even the first line at times something to build off of going to Montreal which is going to be an interesting to gain back to back, isn't it? Yeah. And in Montreal took it to Washington tonight at at home, and you know, it's it's just it again, just something to build off of something to feel good about despite the results, and you're gonna you're gonna run into games like this and the season just like you're gonna run into settle one losses at the end of a road trip. You're gonna run to a game where you play really really well and the other goal steals it. And I think that's just what this was tonight. Didn't and again something to build off with a couple of good division games. Coming up. We keep waiting. Matthew joseph? I think he's close this weekend. What do you think he is this close in? Hey, going back to Quebec we know how sometimes the the French players like to go back to to Quebec and from the Montreal crowd. And he usually kind of gives them a little extra boost, you think we'll see Dominque for sure I've got to think one of these games you think Martell. Yeah. That's a good question. Based on the way the team played tonight. I don't think so I think you'd want to stick with with the way things are working. We'll see what Sunday brings. Yeah. But I think Saturday you keep the same lineup any basil. Eski plays on Saturday Dominguez the second half of the back to back in Ottawa at some point you're going to have to get a look at Danny Martell. But the way the team was rolling tonight with their lines. And how good the really all four those lines of looked here in the past few games. I I think it's hard to think about changing the right now, I I would agree with that. No doubt full lineup against Montreal. See what happens then maybe you take some things Sunday against auto ES. Always great stuff. Listen to you on lightning lunch tomorrow starting at one o'clock. Thanks, rick. Fox said all right. That is Eric Rowlinson. Joining us here on the post game show, and you can check out his show on lightning power play. All right. I believe we've got Ryan mcdonagh who is down in the locker room. Let's get to that interview on leading radio. How.

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