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Radio station thirty nine in clear at six o'clock good morning on the warm laden the corona virus outbreak if it's in New York City now governor Cuomo confirming the patients being treated for the virus in the city the truth is a woman in her late thirties who recently traveled to Iran is isolated in her Manhattan home after becoming the first to test positive for corona virus in New York health officials have notified people who have come into close contact with the woman and are taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus the governor says the woman's test is being evaluated at the state department of health's Wadsworth center in Albany and while she has respiratory symptoms she's not in serious condition Alice Stockton Rossini W. O. R. NY and more coming up in the big three with landed Michael I shake up in the democratic race for the White House before super Tuesday P. booted judges dropped out of the race the truth is that the path has narrowed to a close for our candidacy if not for our calls analysts reclines is but a judge was squeezed out by the resurgence of Joe Biden and booted judge dropping out could fuel by doing small madam especially after his win in South Carolina this weekend this resets the race because it establishes Joe Biden not just someone who can win but can win big so if I was able to show that he could activate the old upon the coalition African American voters to a disproportionate share of whom I represent the Democratic Party in South Carolina they would provide an overwhelmingly and more coming up in the big three with Landon Michael there are new protests over the carriage horse industry in Central Park I did a bird park with and why class upset after of course had to be euthanized following cardiac issues on Saturday forces have dropped dead in the stables they collapse all the time they are worked in abusive conditions they do not get proper vet care video shows the horse collapsing and the last remaining pay phones in New York City being removed you can call it the end of an era New York City will remove its iconic payphones about thirty pay phones are slated to be removed from the city's hell's kitchen area this month followed by about three thousand more in the five boroughs rose some will be replaced by link NYC kiosks where you can get free wifi and make calls why don't we's ABC news New York news brought to you by national realty learn the insider method of obtaining eighteen to twenty one percent targeted returns on prime building locations hours traffic transit good morning for the bottom it is going to be ready for the George Washington bridge in upper level there is a crash at last check three right lanes are blocked off by the New York tower it is causing delays of right around thirty five minutes for that upper level it's gonna be about twenty for the lower level Lincoln and Holland the way to go there right around ten minutes or so altars at the street parking rules in a fax in Hanover two eighty seven north bound by exit thirty seven two lanes are blocked with the.

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