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We shifted them two months It was, but not all of them And what we did was we picked the IRA. The tax deferred account that if we liquidated those stocks and move them the bonds We're going to generate any taxes, but it also gives them a nice bond buckets. See, there was logic behind it. Now they've got a nice bucket of income producing assets that they could pull income from. Meanwhile there other taxable accounts still have the stocks. Still grow, and they also have protected money. By the way. Good job, Damon. I know those clients are gonna be send you a big. Yep. He got so many guests. I'm gonna talk about that next time. Just give me a bottle of bourbon. There you go. There we go. That's all okay. I do want to share one thing before we have to go to break Damon, and that is, um about specifically about what's coming up. We've got a big event coming up. That's pretty exciting that I want people know about right away. This is the first you're gonna hear about it. And that is we have an event in February. So mark this stamp Wednesday, February 17th from 3 32. 5 is going to be a virtual Economic Don't want to stay with you. I hate reviews. It's an economic outlook for 2021. So that's exciting enough as it is. No, not really. It was more exciting that Damon and I are gonna host it. That's the most exciting part of why you will become and virtual was what we did in 2020. We had to do and so many of our clients really enjoyed it, So we're going to continue it? Absolutely. And we've We've pope people that yes, someone to come in, but they were going. They're going to come in and they want to do this right. Because guess what? We have a very special guest. Now, if you are a fan of the Apprentice, you're going to know this name immediately, and I had made a new friend last year, and his name is George rocks that were going to say President Trump's gonna have their president. Trump's really busy right now, however. George Ross, who was president Trump's right hand made for 47 years. He was he's a real estate attorney. Very famous real estate attorney Hey, wanted to go into retirement and Trump wouldn't allow it. He could You come back to work with him? They had a really great relationship for years and years and years. However, he's retired, and he does a lot of coaching. And he when I invited him, he and I became friends over the years, I said, You know, George You are so fascinating and the things that you know, and the stories that you have and the experiences you have, whether it's investing. He's an author of two books, the marketing he teaches marketing. In New York. I said You are just a plethora and of enjoyable information. And I said, I think my clients would just love to hear from you, which you consider coming on and doing a Q and a During our quarterly of economic outlook zoom our virtual zoom, and he said, Yeah, that's like, okay, well, this is gonna be too much fun now celebrities. They're just lining up. We had Charles Payne and fall of last year Now we got George. Right now. We've got George Ross. And so I can assure you without a doubt, this will be the one of the most enjoyable Um, resumes that you have ever done because not only do you have David and I, but you also have George Ross. So for those of you that would like to get registered right away. Go to chapel would dot com That's chapel with dot com to Peace. One l click the large banner on the home page that says Register. I promise you. I have had more fun with him this last year than anybody, And I can't tell you. How long is just delightful. If you have a question, you can email it to us. And simply just email it to office at Chapel would dot com. Anything that you want to know? And he'll answer anything. Any kind of questions that you wanna pose. I even asked him. Well, I'm going to save it. I gotta check what you say The questions I ask you There's just so much fun and it's about business. It's about the economy..

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