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The young could be back for the cardinals this week is a lot of guys out there that you can pick up what else you lorenzo cain the brewers can be back this week when eligible on wednesday that we does face potentially it's cleveland in boston trevor bauer chris sale david price per so's week so that's not much fun so i think i might leave the reser came on my bench this week me even recovers back on wednesday that's a quite a pitching and especially because to hear lorenzo cain say he he think he'll be ready to come back on wednesday when he's eligible i don't like it when players are ice coke i come back i read it and say oh i'll be back lying at least it's we're gonna try to convince his manager to activate them and that that's me odd situation with the rockies this week john gray who we discussed the probably too much for a pitcher with an era of five seventy seven on this show major strike out guy he has been for a couple years now obviously has struggled a little bit more this year and it's not about command or control i mean is is is strike rate is really highs not allowing home runs he's not walking people but now he's doing it at triple a and probably in a worse environment for pitchers than denver's cores field what do you make this with john gray if they wanted to do what like the twins with miguel so no putting them in singlea so he's out of the pressure and you know out of like a similar ballpark i could have understood that this seems almost punitive do you want to keep john gray and deeper league or do you want to move on you know it's hard to kinda guy who's doing so well in terms of strikeouts in cows counting stats where batters i i know the ratios been killing you but you knew what you're buying in there with a rockies pitcher i mean you didn't know you're getting a plus five array certainly but i think this case he's the guy who you knew what you were bargaining for so there's a chance he could come back certainly especially that it's punitive or something like that i mean we're not gonna know but there's a chance for redemption certainly more so than if it's an injury thing where you never know when the guy's gonna come back but it scary that that a pitcher whose you know opening day starters aren't supposed to be sent out either i mean i know it happens but it it it's it's amazing how quickly his star has has fallen but the and i think it's important to note here because when you think of rockies pitcher obviously the obvious is home road splits in his career home road splits a pretty similar for your ira and over the past two seasons he's been much better at home than he has been on the road so this is not just about a pitcher who struggles in the thin air of denver spent a pitcher struggling in road games as well i bet he's back right after the all star break i wouldn't be surprised if his era after they also rake with three fifty so there's obviously me tig unless antonio since the telecoms up like know throw seven perfect innings or something you know it really makes himself to make them go yeah why do we need that great guy so certainly they'll get him some time down there he will be back at some point i think but it may not be soon if he's not really taking it mentally well down there and says it is filling in nicely the real streamers on the rockies rotation chad benson tyler anderson a combined nine and one road games with an era just above three good whip not a whole lot of strikeouts but there are streamers for the rockies john gray just has not been.

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