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Relay team. That has a metal in a bit. Hasn't met hoot. i should be. Don't leave her show up but you know what's funny. You always talking about talent except when it comes to the dallas cowboys and also talent show matter but now so that was my take. No but you're showing your american arrogance. That i knew you had we should be. I don't give a damn fast and talented your individually. That's why so you can. We used to have relay runoffs and the relay. Runoff was the four fastest right plan. A is team top for the second. Fifty eight is team. Now we get out there and while we're going through cds and regionals states if you can't get the relaxed ages doug guess what you are no longer own t. Hey you dropped down. We only practice for two days. We don't know who can exchange and not. we just going off what. They ran in january as terms of their fastest time. That's not how you optimize a relay so we have a systemic issue with our sprint. Relay team okay or third. Because it's been like this twenty year dog. You turned around and you handed ball to me to run back for my last take. I forgot about my issue. Take my does the usa. Men's relay team or relay teams in general. Have a systemic issue. Oh about the blow your mind with this. What because after two thousand sixteen usa track and field. They made a rule for who could coach the athletes because of conflicts of interest. You cannot be a college coach. The relay coach cannot be a college coach. So you can't be a current college head coach and because of conflict of interest. The relay coach can also not coach any current athletes. That are qualifying would be like the nba. Saying no college coach can coach nor can any nba coach coach so popovich. You can't coach. Because there's a spurs player on the roster we don't want you to have favoritism in to start the spurs player over potentially best player so usa track and field has eliminated college coaches from coaching and has also eliminated any coach that coaches current athletes from being relayed coach. So now you have coaches that are in positions. Set up to fail because they're not coaching any of the athletes. That are actually out there competing so this systemic issue falls track and field. We don't necessarily cared about it as america because you don't care about track but if we ever see this in basketball we blind they doing over there anyway. So i'm hot coming back. You have confidence and cam. Newton murray sagging go round. Next sean still speak of the does cam. Newton is running it back for a second season in new england and the sounds like he is more comfortable with the system. patriots coordinator. Josh mcdaniels said quote. He just knows much more about what we're doing. It's a lot less new learning every day. More repetition of things you already understand so said alloys track and field may should the patriots have faith in cam newton entering year. Two absolutely I'm glad that josh daniels is saying the same thing that i've said about his system. Bill belichick system is a center suck system in year one. Either you sit your butt down you gonna suck well you think cam. Newton didn't think he did so bad but is good to know that he's going to rebound. Josh mcdaniels believes that as well. I could give you some numbers right now and tom brady and his year one versus year to comparison. And you're going to see some elites and you're going to see some jumps as well but he didn't even start his first year. It was on a bit because you know they had one hundred million dollar man and drew bledsoe who you try to shame one time. I won't let that fly on his show but in all respects in all seriousness. Cam newton cam newton cam newton from florida do co. to offer to the. Nfl has always responded. Acho always rebounded. He's to superstar in nature and talent and and resume to stay down. So this is a guy who's gonna respond because one he's not gonna be thinking to plays he's going to be responding reacting. He's gonna be going off the instinct year. Last year is all upstairs. And you've been to before you talk about first year quarterbacks rookie quarterbacks and a processor how a slower in the first year what cam newton is no different in that system the most complex offensive system. We have an nfl. So i'm with josh. You'll be going to see a better cam newton. Because he's a superstar. Who's going to get another shot at it. Yeah the patriots should absolutely have faith on cam. Newton entering gear. they should. I don't know why violence though the patriots need to have faith and cam newton sell. I know you grew up in a church. You know me. I'm a bible believing man. Based upon biblical definition from hebrews faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen patriots. They got no choice. But to have faith cam newton. I hope and they seen him be good so they got a guy to search site to this what show starts at what show starts at twelve starts twelve every now and then more so now than at about eleven fifty six. I'm sitting here on the set and drew my vocal warm ups and going to process some jamming some afrobeat eleven fifty seven. I have faith marcellus. Wiley will be. I am not sure. But i have faith. He will be here itself but at twelve. When you read the opening of the abl- block. I don't have to have faith. Because i've seen her seen is here. Oh see i got faith win. I'm about to sit into the chair that it will hold me up when i'm sitting in the chair. I don't have to have faith anymore. Because i'm doing it. The patriots have to have faith and cam newton because they haven't seen it. It's like me to lend fifty-six hoping sat will show up but by twelve and one. I don't eat faith anymore because my faith is now my is the patriots have to have faith. They rather their faith be. There is but until their faith is. There is all they can hope on. Is this evidence of things that is not seen. may you got me. I'm in a corner box there right now. Few at home. Is you know you from the other side and now used to be at the other side you came over here and a few the homeys hit me know they look out for your boy. He liked the dry snitch. The west news through my bag. I do come right before. Know i ain't got no time. That's real that comes for the nfl. Actually at eight o'clock meetings. Swear i was a rookie. I was ready to seven o'clock tom. I show up as seven fifty. Nobody's there come back. Said fifty five mile rookie. Would apple for the coach knows there. So for seven one's there seven fifty no was i was like did also right before eight o'clock everybody running right condition point being with this situation here. I don't like what you said in terms of only faith as we go. Let's go back to the bible. Faith without action is death. Is they saw some action. He's not dead. He will be dead if it was just faith because they see.

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