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I mean, this was like my first year at saw from. So it was only a few months in. So I'm it's possible. I didn't. I'm pretty sure it was gene if I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure it was him. Giving me the giving me moonshot never met, gene. So that's I I mean, I like over member that but interesting. Okay, cool. Thanks is always, gene. And then another Email sent to us. This was pretty cool. Hey, I'm a listener of the podcast and have been I'll say the first name. We, you know. I'd never know if they wanted say full name. I'm a listener to the podcast and have been for four years now currently studying international security in DC, you Dublin City University in Ireland would just like you guys know we to clash a few weeks back on American mercenaries, our lecture linked to the article of the Yemen raid in which Dale Comstock was featured. I thought it was fantastic and emailed the podcast to my watcher. She then went ahead and emailed it after the whole class and is making everybody was new at great job. Keep up the good work. I never thought that our podcast. It'd be like signed actually tell this is so casual. There's nothing academic about this. But as you said, I mean, we're getting perspective from guy that very few. I mean, it was exclusive to and there. I know there have been like college courses where they cite articles I've written. So I know there are like also veterans programs. They've cited articles I've written about like Mike experience going to college. And they'll say this is an example of what not to do when you go to school. Don't be Jack Murphy, and and do all this crazy stuff. But yeah, I mean, I think we get authentic legitimate sources that are not talking to anybody else. And and so for me, I mean, it's it's humbling and flattering that like this. College course would turn us for that kind of information. Yeah. I it so appreciated I'm honored as well. And if you have any other emails, send them to.

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